The Battleground General Store and Diner, Battleground, Indiana

Battle Ground, Indiana is a town of roughly 1,500 folks and is about 10 miles northeast of Lafayette, home of Purdue University.  It’s your typical rural Indiana town, with a post office, volunteer fire department, and a couple of stores.
It’s also home to the Battleground General Store and Diner, which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week.  This restaurant has your typical small town feel…the waitresses and owners treat you like they’ve known you all their lives, whether this is visit 1 or 100.

As an added bonus, the diner has live, acoustic music on Friday nights.  Since we were playing there last night, I decided to take advantage of this situation and try one of their breaded tenderloins.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, because my experience with small town diners like this is that the tenderloins are either fabulous, or less than average.  I’m most happy to report that The Battleground General Store and Diner’s breaded tenderloins fit in the former category.  In talking to the owner later that evening, I found that they hand cut and bread all their tenderloins, using only the center cut of tenderloin…the absolute best cut of meat.

The meat was tender, juicy, and flavorful and the breading was just right…light and crispy, but without being overly done.

This was  a generous serving of meat, without being overwhelming.  I gave a bite to Holly, who promptly pronounced it “amazing!!”…and I’m inclined to agree.

All the condiments were on the table, so I could dress that sandwich as I wished….I asked for onion on my sandwich, and I didn’t get a sliver of onion, it was served with a generous slice of vidalia onion.  The bun was toasted, and the sandwich was served piping hot.
Add a side of wonderful onion rings, it was a meal fit for a king…or a tenderloin connoiseur.

The rest of the menu is filled with typical diner fare..hamburgers, fried chicken, and the like.  Friday night’s special was a rib eye steak dinner, complete with baked potato and salad, for a whopping $7.50.

I’ve been wracking my brain to think of something bad to say about this sandwich, but, honestly, I can’t.  On my scale of  1-5 bites, I give the Battleground General Store and Diner’s breaded tenderloin a 5 out of 5.

The diner is located at 109 North Street in Battleground, Indiana.  Drop in and say hello…and tell ’em that The Tenderloin Connoisseur sent you!


3 thoughts on “The Battleground General Store and Diner, Battleground, Indiana

  1. We live right by the diner (we call it TC’S Tavern). Personally, we’ve never eaten there even though we’ve lived here for four years. We’re vegan so there aren’t really any choices. The people are nice there though but that is just our town, in general. Everyone waves and says hello. We always call it our Andy Griffith town or Mayberry. We love our neighborhood!

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