The Blue Crew Sports Grille, Indianapolis. calls The Blue Crew Sports Grill  “Indy’s premier destination for good food, good fun, and good sports”.  While the good fun and good sports part might be correct…I think they’ve missed the mark on the “good food” part.

The first think you’ll likely notice upon entering this place is just how  HUGE it is…it’s like entering a warehouse that’s got TVs everywhere and Colts items mounted, hanging, and stuck in just about every inch of available space.  I don’t know what the capacity of this place is, but it must be 200-300 or so.  Lots and lots of tables and booths, and a very big bar.  If you’re a Colts fan, you’ll likely enjoying walking around and looking at all the stuff hanging everywhere.

The first thing that *I* noticed was how empty it was…there were 2 other customers in the whole place, other than Holly and I.  With it being 5:00 PM, and they were featuring $1.00 domestic pints this night, I would’ve expected a bit of a larger crowd.  A few folks did wander in during the course of our meal, and by the time we left there were probably a dozen or so folks in the restaurant.

I ordered, of course, the breaded tenderloin sandwich.  The first thing I noticed about it was that it was quite greasy, much more so than the average tenderloin.  It did have a nice coating of breading on it, perhaps a bit more than necessary.  The breading did take away a bit from the taste of the meat.

The meat itself was unremarkable in flavor…average, at best, and I got a significant piece of gristle in one bite.  The bun was barely toasted…mostly around the edge…and instead of a slice of  onion, three little, wilted rings of a red onion on the sandwich.

The waffle fries were lukewarm and a bit soggy…the result of being held in a warmer too long.  They were flavorful and well seasoned, though.  Holly ordered the fish and chips, and rated them as “just average”.

This tenderloin certainly fell below the mark that I would set for an average sandwich, and I am giving it a 2.5 out of 5 bites.  If you’re looking for a place to go and marvel and all the stuff on the walls while having an average, or a bit less than average, tenderloin, and pay too much for it, then this is the place for you.

The Blue Crew Sports Grille is located at 7035 E. 96th Street in Indianapolis, just east of Sam’s Club and Menard’s.


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