Billy O’Neals Pub, Indianapolis

Billy O’Neals is a part Irish Pub, part sports bar located on the far west side of Indianapolis.

I’ve been to Billy’s a couple of times, but went back this time to sample and review their tenderloin.

The first thing you’ll notice upon entering the place is the wonderfully dark wood look of the bar.  It’s not dark enough to be unpleasant, just dark enough to add some nice atmosphere.  Add to that a friendly, helpful staff, and I had high hopes for this place.

This sandwich comes with your choice of side dishes  (fries, chips, etc) and cole slaw is also included with the sandwich.
Upon receiving the sandwich, the first thing I noticed upon taking a bite was how crunchy the breading was, and how wonderful the taste of the meat itself was.  This is no out of the freezer cut of meat, this is a hand breaded, top of the line sandwich.  The meat is perfectly moist and tender, and the breading is flavorful without overwhelming the taste of the meat…which, to me, is a MUST for a good sandwich.  In addition, the breading stayed crunchy throughout the meal, the sandwich didn’t get soggy at all.  The mark of a truly great tenderloin.

An added bonus is that this sandwich comes in two sizes…a full sized, half pound sandwich..which is, in truth, probably enough for two, and a more modest, smaller tenderloin, which is certainly ample for most folks…myself included.

I’m giving Billy O’Neals tenderloin a 5 out of 5 bites…a truly outstanding tenderloin sandwich.

Billy O’Neals is located at 7445 W 10th street in Indianapolis.


3 thoughts on “Billy O’Neals Pub, Indianapolis

  1. Billy O’neals also offers karaoke every saturday night from 9pm-2am With Cj’s Dj’s Dj Bradley and Dj WOw come check it out latest in Karaoke and Dance music.

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