The Dugout Tavern, Indianapolis

There are some places that seem to TRY to be quaint, but fall short of the mark.  But there are someplaces that it just come naturally to, and The Dugout Tavern is such a place.

On second thought, I’m not sure if it’s quaint or a dive bar…but either way…it’s a fun place to hang out.
The Dugout is located in the 600 block of Virginia Avenue, just outside of Fountain Square proper.  It’s got a small seating area on the sidewalk, an old bar inside and a seperate dining room.  It is a 21 and over, smoking venue.

The Dugout has some items on it’s menu that you don’t find very many places…like the Fried Bologna sandwich….a favorite of mine.  They also feature a Smelt dinner…something that’s a favorite in the Long Island area of New York, but seldom seen here in Indiana.

I found myself at the Dugout for a business meeting, and chose to do a tenderloin review while I was there.

Please excuse the quality of the photo, as my regular camera is on the fritz and I had to use a phone.

If I could sum up The Dugout’s tenderloin in one word, it would be “disappointing”.  Judging from the food my companions got, and from the smells coming out of the kitchen, I was expecting something special.   What I got was not one, but two frozen pork fritters on my bun.  There’s nothing more disappointing than expecting a good tenderloin sandwich and getting a Krogers pork fritter.

On the up side, the bun was perfectly toasted, and I got a nice, hearty slick of onion atop the sandwich.  The sandwich was served piping hot and the crinkle cut fries were nothing short of delightful.

If you’re looking for a really great tenderloin sandwich, the The Dugout isn’t the place to go.  I’ll be generous because of the trimmings and give it a 2.5 out of 5 bites, simply average.

However, I would recommend a stop at The Dugout for the atmosphere, if nothing else.  I’ll certainly go back and try their fried bologna sandwich!
The Dugout Tavern is located at 620 Virginia Avenue in Indianapolis.


7 thoughts on “The Dugout Tavern, Indianapolis

  1. Unfortunately, this isn’t related to the Dugout, but I have to recommend my favorite tenderloin around, which is at Moe and Johnny’s. I’m not necessarily a “connoisseur”, but I’ve never been disappointed, and I find it odd that I never hear anyone talk about it being the among the best in town. Also, I’ve never been to any of the places that you’ve given 5 stars to…

    As an aside, I grew up in Huntington County, birthplace of the breaded tenderloin sandwich! Have you been to Nick’s?

  2. I have been to Nick’s! I’ve got to get Holly up there, I don’t believe she’s ever been.

    I’ve had Moe and Johnny’s also, in my pre-review days…I’m gonna have to head back down there and get another one and review it! 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by!

  3. This review idea is a good one. And thanks for buying my Guiness at the Dugout. People eating there should know there is a $10.50 minimum for using a credit card. And I never carry more than about $5! I almost had to buy a tenderloin before they would let me go! Thanks also to Jon who shared his onion rings which I thought were nicely done. And to Holly for letting me sample the mushrooms which were like a 5 in my opinion. Of course I just had morels last weekend…yum! (;c)

  4. I have had the tenderloin at The Dugout and it is frozen and disappointing. However, next time you are downtown, check out The Lockerbie Pub at the corner of Michigan and College. Hand breaded, pounded thin, lightly seasoned, delicious. Whenever I head back to town I stop here for my “fix”.

  5. Best tenderlion I’ve had in town is provided at the Bearcat restaurant in the Stutz business building 1045 N. Senate.
    Highly recommend it and the onions rings.
    Was there last month. Jan. 2010

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