Jimmy B’s, Home Place (Indianapolis) Indiana

Jimmy B’s is an eatery and pub located in that pocket between Indianapolis and Carmel known as Home Place.

Home Place has an interesting history in itself, and is currently involved in a fight  against the city of Carmel over forced annexation.  If you’re interested, you can read a bit about Home Place here.

I’ve been in some places that try to be a neighborhood bar, but are, in fact, just another chain.  Jimmy B’s is NOT one of these places.  It’s obvious that this place has a well deserved local following, and many of the customers and staff know each other, and it’s got a very homey feel.  The best way to describe Jimmy B’s is “laid back”….it’s a great place to go, enjoy a meal and some conversation, maybe a game of darts or pool while you’re at it.  Don’t be in a hurry, stay for a while and soak up the atmosphere.

Of course, the reason for my visit this trip was to sample their breaded tenderloin.

After a couple of less than stellar tenderloins on my last reviews, this sandwich was, quite simply, a taste of heaven.

Jimmy B’s hand breads each tenderloin not once, but twice.  One would think that breading a sandwich twice would result in an overly thick coating of batter, but this is certainly not the case with this one.  The breading is light, crisp, and flaky, the slice of meat thick, moist, and flavorful, and the breading stays crisp as long as the sandwich lasts.

The sandwich is served on a perfectly toasted bun,  with your condiments of choice.  An added bonus is that they’re very liberal with the onion, pickle, and other garnishes, serving them on the side so you can dress your sandwich as you please.

Add to that a side order of delightfully crisp waffle fries, and you’ve got a meal that’s fit for a king.

I’ve been eating Breaded Tenderloin Sandwiches for as long as I can remember…and that’s a LONG time…and I can safely say this is one of the absolute best I’ve ever had.

On the Tenderloin Connoisseur’s scale of 1-5 bites, I give Jimmy B’s 5 bites….it’s as good as it gets.

Jimmy B’s is located at the southewest corner of 106th and College.  Stop in and try one…and tell them that The Tenderloin Connoisseur sent you!


8 thoughts on “Jimmy B’s, Home Place (Indianapolis) Indiana

  1. Hey, we tried Jimmie B’s on Friday. The tenderloin was good, but not the best I have ever had. I’d give it a 4.5. I’m still looking for the best. Remember The Garage in Broad Ripple? They had the best; they hit the sweet spot in flavorable meat, not too thick and crunchy tasty breading. Thanks for the reviews; I still have more restaurants to go to soon.

  2. Jimmy B’s would be a great place if you could get service. We are from out of town on business and are finding it hard to get served in this place. If you are not a regular good luck getting a drink, a refill on a drink, or your bill for that matter. The bar tenders tend to stay at one end of the bar and ignore the other end! Other than that the food is great and the beer is cold. i love that it is still a smoking bar!

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