Hob Nob Corner Restaurant, Nashville, Indiana

The Hob Nob is located in charming, turn of the century building in downtown Nashville, Indiana, located near Brown County State Park.

One of the things I’ve always appreciated about Nashville is the fact that there are no chain restaurants here, at least in town proper.  There IS a Subway on the outskirts of town, and Long John Silvers had a brief run here in the 80s, but they didn’t last long.  It’s nice to be in a town and have an abundance of food choices without being bombarded by signs for Big Macs and Whoppers.

For those of you who know me well, you already know that I seldom eat at a chain restaurant.  Occasionally, I’ll eat at one, but it’s somewhat out of the norm for me.

The Hob Nob is located in an old drug store, and the soda fountain/counter is still intact.  At first glance, you’d think it’d be a restaurant that serves typical soda fountain food, but this restaurant sets it’s sights a bit higher.

The menu includes such staples as hamburgers, chili, fried chicken, and some more uncommon dishes, such as Mulligatawney soup, which was one of the specials on the day we visited.

Of course, when I saw they had a Breaded Tenderloin on their menu, I knew I had to try one, and had to write a review.

The breading on this sandwich was quite light and crispy…so light, in fact, I would almost call it paper thin.  That’s a change of pace from many breaded tenderloins, which are more breading than meat.

The breading had a taste that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, but I WILL say it was exceptional.  It tasted just a little different than many of these I’ve had, but I liked it just as well.

The meat itself was pounded, but not paper thin…it was a hearty sandwich that was filling without being bloating…and that’s a fine line, sometimes.

Instead of being served on a traditional bun, the sandwich is served on a homemade yeast roll, and the combination of the homemade roll and the original breading made it a most memorable sandwich indeed.  The roll was perfectly toasted, and the dressings, served on the side, were plentiful.

The sandwich comes with your choice of sides, I chose the steak fries…and I’m glad I did.  They may have been the best steak fries I’ve ever had.
The service was prompt and friendly.  The waitress told me right off that their tenderloin wasn’t quite traditional, and, when I hesitated on ordering, she said  “If you order it, and don’t like it, we’ll replace your meal with something else”.  That sold me right there…they obviously believe in their product, as well they should.

I’ve struggled with how to rate this sandwich…for it was a truly memorable meal.

But, as good as it was, it’s not what we think of as a traditional tenderloin.  So, I’m going to give it 4.5 bites…taking half a bite off because it’s not quite what we think of as a traditional tenderloin.

That said, it’s a wonderful sandwich, FAR above average and I’d certainly recommend a stop at Hob Nob Corner when you’re in Nashville!  The restaurant is located on the Southwest Corner of the only stop light in downtown Nashville, Indiana.

An added note….if you’d like to do a guest review…leave a comment with your email address and I’d love to have you do one!


8 thoughts on “Hob Nob Corner Restaurant, Nashville, Indiana

  1. When I looked at the pic, I thought…those fries look good.. it was funny to read the rest of the review and read that they were some of the best steak fries that you have had! Yeast roll, hmm… usually not my favorite, but I could see where it would work. Anyplace that stands behind their food enough to give a satisfaction guarntee is thumbs up in my book. Great review and I am looking forward to the next. Or even a guest review, that is a cool idea too!

  2. I wrote the Courier-Journal asking for the bean soup recipe;I made the soup from the published recipe. The 3 of us who ate the soup at the restaurant agreed that the soup neither looked nor tasted anything like what we had at the restaurant. How disappointed we were!

  3. My husband and I was visiting your restaurant and had your southwest cheddar soup. Is there anyway I could have your recipe? We are moving to Germany, because my husband will be stationed there and I would like to make this to remind me of home. I would appreciate a response. Thank you so much. Annette

  4. When in Nashville last year we had a breaded tenderloin at a restaurant bar a little out of Nashville. Can’t remember the name but I believe it was in your column. It wasn’t Gnaw Bone or Salt Creek. Have any ideas?

  5. my wife is totally enamored of the Tuna Melt at Hob Knob so when in Nashville we always eat there & everything I’ve ever had has been quite Tasty & reasonably priced for the quality you sink your teeth in….My wife has always loved everything she’s eaten there also….which is to say, she’s loved the Tuna Melt many many atimes

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