Woody’s Library Restaurant, Carmel, Indiana

Woody’s Library Restaurant is located in an old library in downtown Carmel, Indiana.  It features two floors, a dining room upstairs, and a non smoking pub downstairs.  Full menu service is available on both floors.

As an aside, my personal preference is to see more of these type of places…21 and over, yet non smoking.  I won’t touch on the smoking ban issue, I’ll just say that it’s nice to have a place to go and listen to music  (or play music) that is non smoking yet still has a pub atmosphere.

Woody’s is nicely decorated with local sports signs and banners, and several TVs show a variety of sports on the walls.  One of the highlights is a 250 gallon salt water aquarium situated above the bar.  There is also a small stage area for live music.

Their menu is quite varied…from standard pub burgers to more progressive fare, like lime grilled tuna and an apricot chicken wrap, which is what Holly had.

I, of course, was there to sample the breaded tenderloin.  With such a varied menu, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

When I asked our server about it, she informed me that they make the breading fresh, in site, and it’s beer batter…with beer straight out of the tap.  How could I resist?

The sandwich was served on a nicely toasted bun, with a side of waffle fries that were wonderfully crispy and perfectly done.

The meat itself was moist and tasty, and was thick enough to be a hearty sandwich without being overwhelming.

The batter?  In one word…wonderful.  It was extremely crunchy, and stayed nice and crisp throughout the life of the sandwich.  Even though I was conversing while I was eating, taking longer than usual to finish the sandwich, neither then meat nor the bun got soggy…it was nice and crisp to the last bite.

The onions were plentiful, and the other condiments were served on the side so I could apply them as I wished.

The beer batter had a wonderful flavor, without being overwhelming.  For me, the true test is, does the batter compliment  the meat or overwhelm it, and this sandwich certainly fits in the former category.  A great combination.

Someone suggested that I start adding prices to these posts, so I will start doing that.  The sandwich with fries was $9.00, which is a bit pricier than most of the tenderloins I’ve reviewed, which run, generally, $7.00-$8.00 with fries, but I’d certainly buy it again.  It was a very good meal.

The sandwich was just a tad greasier than some others that I’ve had, but not objectionably so…just a tad.  Still, that will make it fall short of 5 out of 5 bites….I’m going to give this  one a 4.5 out of five…well above average and certainly worth the money to me.

Woody’s Library Restaurant is located at 40 E Main Street, in Carmel, Indiana.


3 thoughts on “Woody’s Library Restaurant, Carmel, Indiana

  1. Looks like a good one Rick! Wish that I would’ve came earlier and had one with you. Thanks for putting the prices up as well. I would agree that $9.00 is a little more than your average tenderloin, but I am will to pay more as long as it is worth it. “I’d certainly buy it again.” Hey!! Who does that sound like?!?! 🙂 Great review my friend. Not to hijack, I agree with enjoying the non smoking part.

  2. Dan, you just need to come to Indiana for a visit! We’d take you around and show you a visit you wouldn’t soon forget!

    And, WIBIA, it was really good to meet you last night…looking forward to seeing you at Woody’s (or elsewhere) again soon!

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