Taylor’s Pub II, Indianapolis

Taylor’s Pubs are 3 locally owned restaurants in Indy, one in Greenbriar, one at 86th and Westfield, and one in Lawrence.  They’re owned by the same man (who’s first nor last name is Taylor) and all 3 seem to do quite the business.

Taylor’s is your typical neighborhood pub, and all 3 have a loyal following and stay quite busy.  All of them have multiple TVs tuned to sports channels and are decorated with posters from local sports teams.
Their menu features typical pub fare, such as wings, burgers, chicken fingers, and the like.

Those that know me well know that my “other” food fetish is Bacon, and Taylor’s has a Bacon Quesadilla on their menu  (The menu at all three are identical), which is what Holly ordered.  I tried a bit and I have to say it was fabulous!

Of course, I was there to try their Breaded Tenderloin, which I expected to be good…and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

The tenderloin arrived on a nicely toasted bun, and the breading was light colored and flaky.  When I cut a piece off to sample it, I was struck by how flavorful the meat itself was…the meat itself was a cut above most of the tenderloins around here.

The breading was crisp and flaky, and perfectly complimented the texture of the meat.  The breading stayed crisp throughout the life of the sandwich.  This is not a sandwich where at first bite you think to yourself  “THIS is the Holy Grail of Tenderloins” but it is certainly far above the average tenderloin.

The fries, which I substituted for chips, were not quite shoestring fries, but they were thinner cut than most fries around here.  They were crisp and tasty.

I’m going to give Taylor’s tenderloin sandwich a 4 out of 5 bites, well above average.  The sandwich and chips are $6.75, certainly a reasonable price.

I wish I could say the whole experience was also well above average, but that’s not the case.  We waited an extremely long time to get our drinks and menus.  The food was served promptly after ordering, however, the sandwich was not served as I ordered it.  I also order my sandwich the same way…with Mayo, Ketchup, and Onion only.  It was served with Tomato, Pickle, and Lettuce instead.  I also had asked if I could substitute fries for chips, and the waitress said  “no problem”.  However she failed to tell me that it would cost me an extra $2.00, which I thought was a bit high for a substitution.  And, after we finished our meal, it took about 15 minutes for the server to bring our check.

So, in a nutshell, Taylor’s Tenderloin certainly makes me want to go back and get one.  Their service?  Not so much.

Taylor’s Pub II is located at the Northwest corner of Westfield Blvd. and 86th Street in Indianapolis.


2 thoughts on “Taylor’s Pub II, Indianapolis

  1. 4/5 is good, but if the service was this bad, it makes me not want to go! There are enough good tenderloins in this city to skip this one. $2.00 for fries without mentioning it is bogus as well.

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