The Aristocrat, Indianapolis. (Broad Ripple)

I know, I know.  I usually post a picture of the front of the restaurant to start a review, but the first think I always notice when I go to the Aristocrat is the wonderful sidewalk landscaping, so that’w where we’ll start.

The Aristocrat is located at 52nd and College, just south of Broad Ripple proper, in an area that some folks call SoBro.  It’s an old English/Irish style pub that has developed quite a loyal following.

There is a bar with several booths and a couple of tables inside, and also a quite spacious dining room, complete with a stage where live Celtic music is played by the local group Hogeyye Navvy.
Their menu consists of typical pub fare, as well as several more adventurous dishes.  The special Monday night when we were there was a “Pub Filet” with portabella mushrooms, and a couple of folks who dined with us had it, and prounced it “very good indeed”.

I, of course, was there to sample their breaded tenderloin, and I had very high hopes for it.  And the sandwich lived up to my high expectations.

The bun was toasted perfectly, and the sandwich was served with exactly the condiments I requested.  The meat was moist and very flavorful, and the breading…oh, from the first bite, I knew I was into something special.

Breading is a matter of personal choice, some like it crunchy enough that it makes a mess every time one takes a bit, some don’t like it crunchy at all. I fall somewhere in the middle. I like a nice, satisfying crunch to compliment the texture of the meat, but I don’t like little crumbs falling all over the place.  This was a darn near perfect breading.  Nice and cruncy, yet it held it’s shape with every bite and didn’t flake off of the meat.

This is a nice, hearty, large sandwich, and certainly more than filling.  Nice, toasty bun, perfect breading, and fresh, flavorful meat.  The Aristocrat Breaded Tenderloin gets a 5 out of 5 bites.

The Aristocrat is a tad more pricey than some of the other tenderloins around town, it goes for $8.99 with “pub chips”, or you can substitute french fries or onion rings for $1.50 more.  I highly recommend the onion rings.
The Aristocrat is located at 5212 N College in Indianapolis.


4 thoughts on “The Aristocrat, Indianapolis. (Broad Ripple)

  1. Today is my husband’s 55th birthday and I am bringing him to the Aristocrat for his favorite sandwich – the breaded Tenderloin which he craves for. I will be coming tonight with reservations for 10 -12 family members.

    This is also where we like to sneak off some Sunday mornings for a brunch meal…I love the quiche here.

    Please help me honor my husband and Pastor on his 55th birthday!

  2. Rick,

    The Aristocrat is in Meridian Kessler, not Broad Ripple. The southern boundary of Broad Ripple is Kessler Blvd. Meridian-Kessler covers everything between Kessler, 38th, Meridian and the Monon Trail

    Other than that, I’ll agree that the breaded tenderloin at the Aristocrat is worth the trip.

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