The Moon Dog Tavern, Indianapolis

Indianapolis seems to have more than it’s share of sports pubs for a city our side…at times, to me, it seems there is one on every corner.

Some of them are pretty special, some of them are run of the mill, and some of them are pretty terrible.  But, most of them are just average.

Once in a while, though, I’ll find one that I think stands out from the crowd, and Moon Dog Tavern is one of those.

Located on a busy strip of 96th street, it sets on the end of a strip mall, and has a lovely outdoor patio that overlooks a lake, a fine place for outside dining. On summer evenings, there is live music on the patio.

The inside is decorated with a mix of sports and music artifacts…everything from guitars to baseball bats.  It’s a hodgepodge of items that works well for me.

The menu runs the course from appetizers to steaks, a nice variety of salads and sandwiches, and a quite varied pizza menu.  We visited on a Sunday afternoon, and the Sunday special is all pizzas half off.  Certainly a tempting deal!

Of course, you know what I was there to try.  Their “Hoosier Tenderloin” certainly looked good on the menu.  Would it stand up to the test?

I’m happy to report that, from start to finish, this tenderloin was the stuff dreams are made of.  I might just have found a new favorite tenderloin in our fair city.

When the tenderloin was brought to me, I could tell it was a hearty slap of meat.  I cut a corner off of it for my first sample bite, and the meat was tender, tasty, and moist.  The breading is delightfully flaky and crisp, with the perfect flavor to compliment the meat.  The bun was wonderfully toasted…adding to the crunch of the sandwich.  Condiments were plentiful and it was served promptly, exactly as I ordered it.  Their tenderloins are hand cut and hand breaded, and the care they take in preparing their sandwich shows in the finished product.

Moon Dog’s breaded tenderloin goes for $7.95, and that includes a side of chips.  You can upgrade your side for $1.50, with a half dozen or so options…fries, salad, onion rings, or several other options.  I opted for the fries, and they were as spectacular as the sandwich.

I’m going to give The Moon Dog Tavern’s breaded tenderloin a solid 5 out of 5 bites..and I’m going to throw in a side of fries just to emphasize how good this sandwich is.

The Moon Dog is located at4825 E 96th street in Indianapolis, and is a 21 and over only restaurant.  If you wish, you can visit their web site  here.

Have a great week, everyone!


7 thoughts on “The Moon Dog Tavern, Indianapolis

  1. Man, you’re making me hungry. 11:00 is when my 6:00-a.m. breakfast runs out, and I just made it worse by reading about breaded tenderloins.

    I’m off now to find a snack.

  2. Ok. I have never eaten here 9even though it’s fairly close!) but with this review, I am going to have to give it a try!

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