Barringer’s Tavern, Indianapolis

Barringer’s is reported to be one of the oldest tavern’s in Indianapolis.  Founded in the late 1800’s, it continues to be a popular gathering spot for folks on the South side of Indy.

It’s a 21 and over only, smoking restaurant located at the intersection of Meridian and Pleasant Run Parkway.  The building itself fairly screams “character” from the outside, and it does the same from the inside, too.

The service is prompt and friendly.  We had a rather large group gather there for trivia night, and the waiter did a pretty good job of keeping up with everyone.

One of the things worth mentioning is the prices..for not much more than one would pay at a fast food restaurant for a large value meal, you can get an honest to goodness home cooked meal here.  Holly chose their special, Salmon Patties with two sides  (She chose green beans and….something else…I can’t recall!!) for $6.95.  They also feature homemade desserts, and we both sampled the Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie, and it was nothing short of fabulous.

And, you already know the reason for ME going there…to sample their breaded tenderloin sandwich.  It’s their most popular sandwich.

When the waiter brought it to me, the first thing I noticed was that it was HUGE…brought on a nicely toasted bun.  The sandwich has been pounded out to not quite paper thin, and is hand breaded with a quite good breading.  Not the best I’ve ever had, but better than average.

Reviewing a sandwich is, in part, personal preference.  My personal preference is a sandwich that is not pounded out quite this thin..I prefer a little thicker sandwich.  However, it’s still quite tasty.  The meat was not quite a moist as some I’ve had, but, again, it was tasty and above average.

The breading itself was crunchy, flaky, and flavorful.  It evenly coated the sandwich, not too thick nor thin in any spots.  That’s not an easy task and they get high marks for a great breading to meat ratio.

The bun was nicely toasted, however, I had to ask a second time for my onions and mayo.  I’ll give the server a break and chalk it up to getting slammed with a large crowd all at once.  However, Tuesday’s are Trivia Night at Berringer’s, and the owners might want to consider bringing in some extra help for nights like this.

Barringer’s Breaded Tenderloin Sandwich goes for $6.95 and includes a side of chips, or for $1.00 more you can have an order of fries, onion rings, or potato salad.  The fries were crinkle cut and VERY good.

So how do I rate Barringer’s sandwich?  I’m going to give it a 4 out of 5 bites.  It’s not the absolute best tenderloin I’ve ever had, but it’s well above average and if you’re looking for a good Breaded Tenderloin on the south side of Indy, it’s certainly worth a visit.

Barringer’s is located at 2535 S Meridian in Indianapolis.


One thought on “Barringer’s Tavern, Indianapolis

  1. I love that you can’t see the bun under it. It almost look like it was in the fryer for a minute too long. With great options here on the north side, not sure if it is worth the trip, but it looks good.

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