Hall’s Castleton Grille, Indianapolis

Hall’s Castleton Grill is part of the Don Hall’s family of restaurants.  In 1946, Don Hall opened his first Drive In, in southern Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

Since then, Don Hall’s has expanded to other parts of the state, with various kinds of restaurants being part of the Hall’s family.

I generally avoid the Castleton area like the plague, but Hall’s is one of the few places that will tempt me to make the trip.  I’ve have their Prime Rib on several occasions, and it’s among the best I’ve ever had.

Inside, it’s essentially a bar surrounded by a dining room.  There is also a pleasant outside patio area, where live music is featured most weekend evenings.  Their food features all American sandwiches, some wonderful beef brisket, steaks, and prime rib.

I elected to try their breaded tenderloin, which I had never tried before.

The Don Hall’s breaded tenderloin is priced at $7.50, and that includes your choice of french or steak fries, onion rings, potato salad, baked potato,  and it also includes cole slaw.  We were off to a promising start, as most other restaurants include chips with your sandwich and charge you extra for fries or rings.  To have them included with the price of the sandwich was a good sign!

The sandwich arrived and it was HUGE.  Once again, it was pounded out a bit thin for my liking, but the quality of the meat was very, very good.  Moist and tender, with great flavor.

The breading was, well, different.  Don’t get me wrong…it was very good, but it wasn’t what what most Hoosiers have come to expect on their tenderloin.  It was nice and crunchy, and quite heavily seasoned.  I’m not sure what all the seasonings were, but I did detect some sage and dill in the breading.  It made for an interesting tasting sandwich, but quite different than what a traditional Indiana tenderloin is.  It was a very good sandwich, however, it wasn’t what I expected when I ordered a breaded tenderloin.

The bun was nicely toasted, and the condiments were brought exactly as I requested them, and the service was prompt and efficient.  The breading stayed crunchy throughout the life of the sandwich, and was evenly distributed over the sandwich…in no place was it too thick or too thin.

So how do I rate a tenderloin like this?  I really did like it for a change, and I’d certainly order it again if I were looking for a breaded tenderloin that was a little different.  But, if I had a friend visiting from out of state and wanted to introduce him to our state sandwich, this is NOT the place I would take him.  It’s kind of a Hoosier sandwich with a touch of the exotic.  Many words come to mind when I think of Hoosiers, but “exotic” isn’t one of them.

I’m going to give the Castleton Grill’s breaded tenderloin sandwich a 3.0 on a scale of 1-5 bites.  It’s certainly better than the frozen pork fritters that many restaurants pass off as breaded tenderloins, but it’s far from a bright spot in the tenderloin galaxy.

Don Hall’s Castleton Grill is located at 6028 E 82nd Street in Indianapolis, at the main entrance to the Castleton Mall.  You can also view their website here.


8 thoughts on “Hall’s Castleton Grille, Indianapolis

  1. Thanks for stopping in Rick…we appreciate the review. There’s no dill or sage in our breading; just some salt, pepper, a touch of garlic and some oregano. You’re right on our pork though…we don’t do frozen here at the Castleton Grill. We start with whole fresh pork tenderloins and filet them. The Castleton Grill staff was happy to hear you had a good experience and we’re looking forward to your return. Thanks again for supporting the independent restaurateurs in this Franchised side of town…we GREATLY appreciate your patronage.

  2. I so wish I could figure out what is in your tartar sauce! I have searched and searched online and can’t find a recipe. LOVE IT!

  3. Thanks M.E.
    Our tartar sauce is made daily. It’s a simple recipe of mayo, spices, and pickles, but it’s more about what mayo and pickles that you begin with. We sell most of our sauces for $5 a pint, but your next pint of tartar sauce is on the house.
    Just say hello to Eva, Libby or Sara at the front desk and they’ll hook you up. Thanks again for your kind words.

  4. Having enjoyed that tenderloin a few times over the past months, I must admit I was slightly surprised at your 3.5/5 rating. That sandwich’s flavored breading is awfully tasty, its crispy texture quite pleasant, and the sides are fantastic… I guess I will have to try some of the sandwiches you rated with a 5/5 to see what the shortcomings were but then again it could be a simple difference in personal taste… BTW, I am in no way related to this establishment, just a tenderloin lover who grew up in Europe and knows good food!

  5. Rick & VB-
    Don’t think your comments are falling on deaf ears…to the contrary; we took Rick’s words to heart and have since tweaked our tenderloin recipe.
    I have to give a shout out to Chef Mike Newsome for getting us on the right track (the man knows tenderloins!) If you fellows ever get another chance to stop in to the Castleton Grill please give a hello to Eva, Libby, Sara and/or myself.
    We appreciate the feedback VB, listening to our customers is something my crew works hard at, and it’s always nice to know that it’s noticed and appreciated.

  6. Many previous visits to the Castleton Grill proved outstanding but on 8-29-10 our visit was less than satisfactory. We were cheerfully greeted by the host. Our server was very friendly and outstanding at her job. The problem was that the prime rib was totally overcooked, well done around the edges and perhaps medium right in the center only. I specifically oredered this midium rare and most certainly did not expect to be served somehting that looked as if it was left over from the night before. Yes it’s important for establishments to carefully watch their food costs but at what point do you compromise quality food for long term clients/customers. Having visited this establishment at least bimonthly for several years, I’m very disappointed to say the least. The waitress apologized for what was the cooks or managements fault but we never got an apology from the manager on duty. If I wanted left over, over cooked prime rib I’d go to MCL. Sorry, from now on you’ll have to find someone else to pawn your left over onto.

  7. i’am really disappointed.
    my whole order was barely warm at best, we always dine at the grille we never had a problem before
    but i guess there is always a first time for everything.
    we will continue to eat at the grille we won’t let one bad encounter stop that.
    the food is really great, and so are the employees.

    • Dorothy- Glad to hear that you’ve had good experiences at the Grill, but sorry that we let you down on your last visit. If you’d be gracious enough to let me know some details of your visit (time, day, ticket #) we’ll make sure to tune-up our procedures here so it doesn’t happen again. Thank again for the kind words for our staff…if you can give us a home address, we’ll get a gift card right to you for caring enough to let us know. Eva castletongrill@donhalls.com

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