Muldoon’s, Carmel, Indiana

Muldoon’s is an Irish themed pub located in Carmel, Indiana, in the Arts and Design District of downtown.

It’s no secret that the Arts and Design District as has struggled over the last couple of years.  With a lagging economy and multiple construction detours,some businesses have struggled to make it, and some have folded.

The hallmark of a good business is how they do in times like this, and Muldoon’s appears to have done quite well.  They have a consistent crowd and a very loyal repeat following which shows they’re doing something right.

Their menu includes pretty typical pub fare, burgers, sandwiches, a Reuben which one of my dining partners proclaimed “fantastic”, soups, salads, and a steak or two.  They offer both inside and outside dining.  We choose to eat outdoors because of the wonderful weather, and the service was prompt and efficient, if a bit aloof.

With all the choices on the menu, most folks would have trouble deciding what to have, but not me!  Since Muldoon’s tenderloin has earned the Indianapolis Monthly “Reader Choice” and “Best Buy” awards, it was a no brainer for me!

They offer their tenderloin in two sizes, the full size, which sells for $7.95 with chips, or the mini, $6.59 with chips.  You can add fries for $1.00 more to either sandwich.

The sandwich arrived on a nicely toasted, sesame seed bun with plentiful condiments, which were brought exactly as I requested.

As you can see in the picture, the full sized sandwich is HUGE..Holly ordered the mini, and it’s probably 3/4 the size of this one, certainly ample for most folks.

The meat itself was tender, moist, juicy, and flavorful, certainly a prime cut of loin.  Very good indeed.    The breading is nice and crisp, with enough flavor to enhance the taste of the meat without overwhelming it.  Being as large as it is, this sandwich took a while to eat, and it stayed delightfully crispy for the life of the sandwich.

I can’t find fault with the meat or the breading, however, this sandwich was pounded out WAY to thin for my liking.  I’ve thought long and hard about how to describe it, and, it was almost like eating a huge potato chip in texture.  This is what I find fault with the most for most tenderloins.  Don’t pound the meat too thin!!  Leave some thickness so we get the texture of BOTH the breading and the meat.

That said, this was still a very good tenderloin.  I think it falls a bit short of Jimmy B’s or The Aristocrat, but it’s still well above average and certainly worth a trip to Carmel.

Overall, I’m giving Muldoon’s Breaded Tenderloin a 4 out of 5 bites..

Muldoon’s is located at 111 W Main Street, Carmel, Indiana.  You can visit their website here.


3 thoughts on “Muldoon’s, Carmel, Indiana

  1. Not into the real thin thing as well. Based on other reviews that are in the area, I think that I will pass.

    Btw, thanks for calling this an Irish Themed bar. It is not an Irish Bar by any stretch of the imagination. Just because you have Guinness….

  2. I love Muldoon’s and it is an Irish Bar, i am from Ireland and this is very close to the pubs I hold dear to my heart.

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