Dimitri’s Restaurant, Columbus, Indiana

This past weekend found us pickin’ a few tunes, camping and Geocaching in Bardstown, KY.  Hunger struck as we were on the way home, and we stopped in Columbus, Indiana, at Dimitri’s Restaurant.

I hadn’t intended to do a review, but when we got into the restaurant and I saw a hand breaded tenderloin on the menu, I knew I had to do one.

Dimitri’s is a family owned restaurant, and has been owned by the current owner for 12 years.  Prior to this, it was The Riviera Club.  Dimitri’s has a complete selection of sandwiches, plate lunches, steaks, and even a Greek dish or two on their menu.  They’re a non smoking and all ages restaurant, and they do have beer and wine on their menu if you want it.  On the inside, it kind of reminds me of a Denny’s.  Nice and clean, and the service was as friendly and prompt as I’ve ever had.

Their menu lists a tenderloin sandwich, grilled or hand breaded, and, of course, I chose the hand breaded.

This is a nice, juicy, tasty piece of meat, certainly a prime cut of loin.  The breading thickness really surprised me…Holly commented that it looked like it had been just barely dredged.  While it might not have been the most attractive breaded tenderloin that I’ve seen, it certainly was one of the tastiest.  The breading was superb, and the meat was top notch.  Nice and moist, it was among the tastiest I’ve had.

The sandwich was served on a bun that wasn’t quite toasted enough for my liking.  However the bun WAS nice and fresh.  The condiments were brought exactly as I ordered, and the sandwich was served nice and hot.

The sandwich sells for $8.05, and the includes your choice of cole slaw or potato salad.  An order of fries…which were EXCELLENT, by the way, will set you back another $1.00.

Even though this might not be a “traditional” hoosier tenderloin, it’s still well above average and worth a visit.  Had the bun been nicely toasted, and fries instead of cole slaw or potato salad been included with the sandwich, it would have been approaching a rating of 4.5.  Those two items bring my rating of this sandwich down to a 4.0…still well above average and certainly well worth a visit if you’re in the Columbus area.

Dimitri’s is located at 2315 W Jonathan Moore Pike in Columbus, Indiana.


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