106th Street Grill, Indianapolis

The 106th Street Grill in Indianapolis is a sports pub and family restaurant located on the North side of Indianapolis, at the intersection of 106th Street and Michigan Road.

There are two rooms here, one smoking and one non smoking, with independent ventilation systems, so there is no cross over from the smoking to the non smoking rooms, a rare sight in the Indianapolis area these days.  The Pub side is rather small, giving the feel of a neighborhood pub, and the family side is large and roomy with a small game room in the back.  There is magic for the kids on Tuesday nights in the family room, and a Wii competition on Thursday nights in the family room.  Both sides have several large screen TVs, with the pub side showing sports channels, and the family room showing a steady diet of, oddly enough, Glen Beck and Bill O’Reilly.

The menu is quite complete,  with everything from sandwiches, wraps, and salads, to several steaks and a few ethnic dishes to boot.  The service is prompt and quite friendly, and there is also a quite extensive beer and wine list.

I was there to review their breaded tenderloin sandwich.  They also offer it grilled, if that is your preference.

The meat itself is simply oustanding.  A very nice, moist, tender cut of meat with no gristle to be found, and simply outstanding flavor.  The breading was very flaky, making a delightful crunch when you bite into the sandwich…crunch of the breading and the tenderness of the meat made for the perfect texture combination.  The texture and taste both rate a good, solid 5…..as good as it gets.

The sandwich is served on a perfectly toasted bun, adding to the experience.

Sadly, there are two areas that make the entire rating a bit less than a perfect 5.  First, the sandwich was just a tad bit greasy…not overly so, but certainly noticeable.  Second…they skipped on the condiments.  I asked for onion and mayo, and for onion, two lonely, little rings on the sandwich, and as you can tell by the photo, just a hint of mayo.  Take away the grease, add some onions and put the mayo on the side, and you’ve got a solid 5 all the way around.

On the plus side, the sandwich sells for $8.95, and that includes your choice of sides, of which there are a LOT of choices.  Fries, onion rings, potato  salad, cole slaw, and the list goes on. I choose onion rings, and was treated to a HUGE order of hand breaded onion rings…and they very well might have been the absolute best onion rings I have ever eaten.

I would REALLY like to give this sandwich a 5 out of 5, but with it being a bit greasy, and skimping on the condiments, I’ve got to knock a touch off for that.  I’m giving the 106th Street Grill a 4.5 out of 5 bites….WELL above average and certainly worth the trip to the North side of Indy.
The 106th Street Grill is located at 4335 W 106th Street in Indianapolis.


3 thoughts on “106th Street Grill, Indianapolis

  1. Two rings? They gave you TWO RINGS of onion?? Cheapskates! That’s like giving you the SMELL of onion with your sandwich! When somebody orders onions, you give ’em a big pile of slices.

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