C. R. Hero’s Family Pub, Fishers, Indiana

I had read about C.R. Hero’s, and since we found ourselves running some errands in the area, we decided to stop in and give them a try.

The outside of the building doesn’t really prepare you for what you’ll find inside.  The exterior is unassuming and looks like any one of the hundreds of strip mall pubs in the greater Indianapolis area.

Walking inside, all I could think of was….”WOW!”.  It’s obvious upon entering where the name comes from, for the decor is all about heroes.  Firefighters, Law Enforcement Officers, Medics, and more…pictures and artifacts all over the walls.

And, for the kids, there’s an extensive display of comic book heroes…Superman, Batman, and more.  It bills itself as a “family pub” and they have certainly set a high mark for other family pubs.  There truly is something for everyone to look at here.

There’s a bar on one side of the restaurant, and family dining on the other.  It’s all non smoking, but I DO believe that smoking is allowed on the outdoor patio.

Of course, interesting and cool decor doesn’t always make for a memorable dining experience.  Would the food stand up to the atmosphere?

C.R. Hero’s calls it’s breaded tenderloin the “Hoosier Daddy”…with a name like that, I had high hopes.

I wasn’t disappointed.

They advertise their Hoosier Daddy as being hand breaded and hand tenderized, and the attention to care and detail shows from the first bite.  The meat is wonderfully tender and moist, and the breading is just perfect.  Nice and crispy, and it perfectly compliments the taste of the meat.  AND, the breading stayed crisp throughout the life of the sandwich, neither the breading nor the bun got soggy.

The bun was nicely toasted and the condiments were delivered as ordered.  One thing out of the ordinary for this sandwich…it’s served with garlic mayo.  The server also brought me regular mayo, in case I didn’t care for the garlic mayo, but I have to say the garlic mayo is fantastic..although I realize it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.  But it worked, and worked well, for me.

C.R. Hero’s breaded tenderloin sandwich sells for $8.95, and that includes a hearty side of fries.  I chose to upgrade my fries to Onion Rings for $1.00, and it was well worth it.  Perhaps not the absolute BEST rings I’ve ever had, but they were very good rings indeed.

I’m going to give C.R. Hero’s tenderloin a 5 out of 5 bites…as good as it gets.  This one is a winner, folks, and stacks up well against an tenderloin in the Midwest.

C.R. Hero’s has a very extensive menu.  Holly chose the Italian Beef sandwich and raved about how good it was.  We’ll certainly go back…and I suspect we’ll be going back often.  The atmosphere and service made for an outstanding visit.

You can view their website, along with their complete menu,  here.

C. R. Hero’s is located at 10570 E 96th Street, in Fishers.


4 thoughts on “C. R. Hero’s Family Pub, Fishers, Indiana

  1. Hmmm…I have been working out right next to this place at Cardinal Fitness for four years and have always been tempted to go in, but never have done so. Now that I know it has a good tenderloin (a favorite of mine) and a recommened italian beef sandwich (my all-time favorite; it is IMPOSSIBLE to find a really good one in Indianapolis), I’m going to have to give this place a shot sometime soon.

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