Gray Brothers Cafeteria, Mooresville, Indiana

Gray Brothers is a legend in Central Indiana.  Go to just about any restaurant review website, and you’ll find glowing review after glowing review of this restaurant.  They’re famous for their  fried chicken, meatloaf, and other hoosier favorites, and their desserts are the things dreams are made of.

It’s your typical cafeteria, where you go through the line and choose your salad, entree, sides, dessert, and drink, pay, then find a place to sit.

Only one word describes this building…mammoth!  There are several, large dining rooms, and a couple of smaller ones.  It’s extremely clean and extremely busy…and the help is very friendly and polite.

We were at Grays to attending a monthly dinner of a group of fellow amateur radio operators, and I had been craving fried chicken all day, but, when going through the line, I saw the breaded tenderloin, I decided to try it.

I should’ve stuck with the chicken, as this was the worst breaded tenderloin I’ve had in a long time.

For starters, it was already starting to get soggy when it was served to me.  Secondly ,there was a significant amount of gristle in the meat.  Thirdly, the meat was, well, pretty well tasteless.  By the time I got towards the end of it, it was pretty well a soggy, drippy mess.

They serve their breaded tenderloin dry, like pictured, or wet, with gravy, and they have an assortment of breads that you can get with it.  It sells for $6.00.

I’m going to give Gray Brothers breaded tenderloin a 1 out of 5 bites.  It’s warm and it’s edible, but that’s about it.

In all fairness….the other food at Grays  is simply outstanding and you won’t regret a visit there.  If you’d like to read a more complete review of the other food at Grays, my friends over at Roadfood have one posted here.

Gray Brothers is located at 555 S Indiana Street, in Mooresville, Indiana.  You can visit their website here.


One thought on “Gray Brothers Cafeteria, Mooresville, Indiana

  1. I had the fried chicken at Gray’s not that long ago… yikes, it was pretty bad. I continue to hear that their quality is going downhill fast… If I want cafeteria, it is MCL for me. Too bad about this ‘loin!

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