Nippers Grill and Tap, Carmel, Indiana

Nippers is a bar/restaurant located in a shopping center near 116th and Rangeline Road in Carmel, Indiana.  I was urged to come here by a friend, who said they have one of the best tenderloins anywhere, so we decided to give it a try.

Inside, it’s much larger than it appears on the outside.  Nice, large bar, with a large game room on one side with pool, darts, skill crane, and other games, and a dining area on the other side, with the bar dividing the rooms.

It’s dark and there are TVs everywhere, tuned to local news stations and ESPN.

We arrived about 430…since this is a smoker friendly restaurant, we wanted to dine early to avoid it being too smoke filled.  The friendly waitress told us the kitchen doesn’t open till 5PM.  No problem, we had a couple of quick errands to run, so we went about our business and came back at 5.  We found our seats, the waitress brought us our drinks, and told us she’d let us know when the cook arrived, he was running late.  We weren’t off to a good start.

The cook arrived around 5:15 or so.  We’d had ample time to peruse the menu, so I ordered the breaded tenderloin and Holly ordered a grilled chicken sandwich and salad.

So, how was it?  Well, if I were reviewing cardboard, this would get a 5 out of 5.  Sadly, it’s a breaded tenderloin review, and this one was really, really bad.  I’ve got to say, the worst one I’ve ever had.  It was simply a frozen pork fritter, and it was horribly overcooked at that.  The edges were burnt, and the rest of it was so tough that it took considerable effort to bite a piece of it off and chew it.  No flavor,  simply nothing  but toughness.

As you can see from the picture, they DID serve plenty of onions and the bun was nicely toasted.  The fries were crisp and tasty, but, that was overshadowed by just how bad this sandwich was.

Since they did nicely toast the bun, and served condiments like I asked, and there were plenty of them, I’ll give them that.  On my scale of 1-5 bites…I’m going to give this a 1…and just barely, at that.  It’s edible and it’ll keep you from starving, but not much else.

On the bright side, Holly’s grilled chicken was very good indeed, well seasoned, tender, moist, and tasty.  I MUST say a word about their homemade Blue Cheese dressing was simply over the top good.  Nice, large Blue Cheese crumbles, quite tasty indeed.  And the staff is friendly and helpful, so we’ll go back and try their Blue Cheese Burger.

But, if you want a breaded tenderloin….or if you’re in a hurry…run away fast.

Nippers is located at 1772 E 116th Street in Carmel, Indiana.   You can visit their website here.


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