Arni’s, Indianapolis, Indiana

Arni’s is an Indiana based chain restaurant with several stores scattered throughout Central Indiana.

I had dined at Arni’s in Lebanon several years ago, and we had pizza.  As I recall, it was excellent.

I’d never had their breaded tenderloin, and had been told that it was a good one, so we decided to give it a try.

We chose the 96th street location.  It has a nice, funky, decor, and a VERY extensive menu.  Pizza, steak, burgers, and more.

When I saw they offered a “fresh, center cut pork tenderloin”, I had REALLY high hopes for this sandwich.

As you can see by the picture…this appears to be just another frozen pork fritter.  Once again, it was hot, and it was edible, but that’s about it.

Be warned…a major rant is ahead.

I’ll never understand why Indiana restaurants…with otherwise outstanding menus, try to pass off a frozen pork fritter as something else.  If you’re not going to offer a true breaded tenderloin, do us all a favor and simply take it off of the menu.  To order a “fresh, center cut pork loin” and get a frozen patty does nothing but leave a bitter taste in our mouths.  The Breaded Tenderloin is a piece of Hoosier identity and culture.  Take some pride in it, or get rid of it.

Before I rate the sandwich itself, I want to be sure and give Arni’s a fair shake.  Holly had Shrimp and Bacon tacos, and they were nothing short of fantastic.  I tasted them, and they were the best thing I’d had in a LONG time…over the top good.

And, our server, Jeff, was one of my favorite servers of all time.  Polite, attentive, professional…all the things a server should be.

But, this blog is about the tenderloin, not everything else.  I can give Arni’s breaded tenderloin no more than a 1 out of 5.  It’s edible, but that’s about it.

I’d highly recommend a visit to Arni’s….just get something else.

Arni’s has several locations in Central Indiana.  To find a location near you, visit their website here.


7 thoughts on “Arni’s, Indianapolis, Indiana

  1. It pains me to see this. I agree 110% with your rant. If you are going to do it, then do it well. Arni’s pizza is good, but a little pricey and if I am without kid, then I like the pizza at Ale Emporium just south a bit.

    This is our state sandwich, they wouldn’t disrespect the state flag would they? No diff! 🙂

    Ahhhhh!!!!!! (me yelling)

    btw, I still love this blog Rick.

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