The Tip Top Tavern, Indianapolis

The Tip Top Tavern is a bar/restaurant just north of Downtown Indianapolis, located on North Capitol Street.

I couldn’t get a picture of the outside, as it was dark, but as you can see by this picture, the bar itself is just beautiful!

The interior is decorated with some really cool, funky stuff…chicken wire sculptures, advertising signs, and a few television sets are scattered here and there.  This is NOT a sports bar…but there are a few sets, with the volume turned down low, usually tuned to some kind of sports.

That’s one of my main gripe with most modern day sports bars…the main emphasis seems to be the number and volume of the televisions, and the food and drink are an afterthought.

I’m impressed with the Tip Top because they seem to be bucking this trend.  It’s got a nice, neighborhood bar feel, and it’s all about the food and drink.  And music, also, as they have a nice stage and lots and lots of  live music.

I didn’t come tonight to review a tenderloin…I came for the music and had no plans to eat.  But…sometimes opportunity knocks.

Those of you who follow me on a regular basis know that my last 3 reviews have been less than stellar, and I was WAY past due for a true hoosier tenderloin.

As I hope you can tell by the picture, that’s exactly what I got.   From the first bite, I knew I had a winner.

The meat itself is nice and tender, and it’s pounded out thin, but not TOO thin.  The breading is REALLY crunchy, and stays nice and thick without getting soggy as you go through this sandwich.

The bun is nicely toasted…nice and crisp around the edges, yet still soft in the middle..well done indeed.

And, no skimping on the condiments on this one!  Plenty of them, piled high on the plate.

The fries were quite good…nice, thin ones, similar to Steak and Shake.  They’re not the best fries I’ve ever had, but they’re very good.

So, let’s recap.  Nice, moist, tasty meat.  Great breading.  Perfectly toasted bun.  Plenty of condiments.  I’ve slept on it, and I’m going with my original impression…it’s a 5 out of 5….as good as anything in town.

I’m going to recommend TWO things here.  1).  When you want a really great tenderloin, go get this one.  2)  Order an extra bun, and share it with a friend.  there’ll be plenty for both of you.

The Breaded Tenderloin at The Tip Top Tavern sells for $7.95.  Worth every penny.

The Tip Top Tavern is located at 1341 N Capitol in Indy.  They’re open for lunch and dinner, and the kitchen closes around 10:30 PM.


8 thoughts on “The Tip Top Tavern, Indianapolis

  1. Finally, back on track!! For $7.95, this one looks like a winner. Lots of cool bands getting booked there as well. Also, I agree 100% about sports bar. I want to hit the rewind button where the emphasis at bars is …drinking!

  2. That looks really, really good.

    BTW, I tried the Aristocrat tenderloin finally. It was good (and HUGE, I cut it in half and brought the rest home), but I don’t think it is my favorite…the title still belongs to Moe and Johnny’s for me.

    I’ve also heard good things about the Pawn Shop’s tenderloin at 54th and Keystone. Their other food has been very good, so I’ll give it a go some day.

  3. Hey Kevin, thanks for stopping by! Moe and Johnny’s (which is the same menu as Cornerstone, which I reviewed a few months ago) IS awfully good.

    I, too, am hearing good things about The Pawn Shop. I have fond memories of the old Pawn Shop…maybe the 4 of us should meet for dinner there sometime soon?

  4. I found your blog a couple months ago and it is now part of my daily browsing. It has provided the family and I alot of good food so far. I am a big fan of the Tenderlion at “The Moon Dog”, used to eat there several times a week, and they have recently redone theirs. Might be time for a revist!

    Hopefully we are going to try the Tip Top Tavern now as well. This weekend we are going to The Bearkats Restaurant near downtown, word is it has a killer Tenderlion… mayhaps a future stop for my favorite Blog Writer?

  5. You should also check out Bud’s Tavern at 30th and Lafayette Rd. While I admit the place doesn’t look like much outside, inside is another story, and I have to say their tenderloin is one of the best in town (as good as one of my top favorites, Pat Flynn’s, or Pawn Shop’s).

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