Georges Gyro Spot, Chesterton, Indiana

I am honored to have this opportunity today, to be a “Satellite Reviewer” for Rick’s blog.  Today’s review is being conducted at George’s Gyros Spot, located at
325 North Calumet Road
Chesterton, IN 46304-2429
(219) 926-5435

George’s Gyros Spot is a very popular spot with the locals here in Chesterton.  If you come at lunch time, you will have a hard time even getting in the door.  (it is also a HOT SPOT for police to dine) From what I am told, the food is worth it.  George’s has a great atmosphere, friendly staff and great décor consisting of several murals painted by local artists.  I have eaten here a handful of times since moving here 3 years ago, and sadly, I have always been left wondering what is so special about the place.

Today’s mission, the Breaded Pork Tenderloin Special.  For $4.59 you can get the pork tenderloin with fries.  A medium drink with free refills is an additional $1.59.  After ordering, I learned that for a fee you could upgrade your fries to waffle fries, that looked VERY yummy!  I didn’t find out how much though.

I ordered my tenderloin and was asked if I wanted everything, “lettuce, tomato and mayo.”  I did.  I was given my number, and before I had even filled my drink and settled in with my laptop, my food was ready.  Super fast service.  As soon as I saw the food, I knew I was in trouble.  All “extras” were ON the tenderloin, and it was perfectly round.  Just like a frozen hamburger patty.  UGH!  I decided to start with the fries, which were horrible.  I really should have upgraded to the waffle fries!  Admitting the horror, I decided to go in for the tenderloin. After removing half a head of lettuce from it, I took the first bite and it tasted remarkably like sausage.  I like sausage.  Sausage is one of my favorite foods.  But, my tenderloin isn’t supposed to taste like it.  The taste began to fade with each bite.  Sadly, it faded away to no taste at all.  This tenderloin was obviously a frozen pork fritter, and it was a bad one.  It was edible, but barely.  I WAS starving when I ate it, so that may have played a factor in the “edibility” of it all.
I decided to treat myself to a $2.29 piece of Baklava to make up for the tenderloin.  Once I let the Baklava thaw, it wasn’t bad at all.

So, if you do decide to give the “G Spot” a try, I would HIGHLY recommend you try something OTHER than the pork tenderloin.  Perhaps the “breaded pork fritter steak” that I just noticed on the menu!

On The Tenderloin Connisseur’s scale of 1-5 bites, with 1 being “edible”, George’s breaded tenderloin gets a .5…..edible, but just barely.

You can visit George’s website here.

Many thanks to my friend Amber Edwards for doing this review!  If YOU would like to do a review, just drop me a note or leave a comment and we’ll make it happen!


One thought on “Georges Gyro Spot, Chesterton, Indiana

  1. I live in Chetserton and I find George’s reviewed in a site for Breaded Pork Tenderloin quit amusing. Fist off, finding a fresh made breaded pork tenderloin sandwich in Northwest Indiana is virtually impossible. Also, Goerge’s is not and has never been known for anything other than the Gyro’s as their name implies. How a sandwich that is clearly marked on the menu as a pork fritter made it onto a site for breaded pork tenderloin sandwich’s is not fair to George’s. It is quit likely the first one they sold in weeks and is a menu filler that should be removed. The name fritter itself is an invitation to stay away and order something else.

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