Union Jacks Pub, Indianapolis

Union Jacks is a very popular pub in Broad Ripple.  Although they’re famous for their pizza, the rest of their menu is just as good.

The restaurant features a distinctly English flavor in decor and in some menu items, and on the numerous television sets, you’re more likely to see soccer than nascar or an NFL game.  They seem to do well with this formula, as they’re nearly always crowded.

We stopped in on Sunday for lunch, unaware that we were right in the middle of Sunday brunch.  Union Jacks was extremely crowded, and although our server seemed a bit harried and rushed, she did a fine job of taking care of all the tables in a timely matter.

The breaded tenderloin was, of course, what I came to try.  I had high expectations for this one, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The meat itself was nice and moist, with a nice, fresh flavor.  The breading was very crunchy…a bit more crunchy that most I’ve tried and that added a nice layer of texture to the meat.

For me, texture is an important part of any sandwich, and it’s no less with this one.  The bun was a sort of kaiser roll, and I found it to be quite….tough.  It’s the bun, and the bun alone, that takes points off of this sandwich.  My preference is a nice soft bun, then the crunch of the breading, then the firmness of the meat, making a nice layer of textures.  This bun was pretty touch, and adding that layer was just a bit much for my liking.

That said, it still was a VERY good sandwich and well above average.  They also missed missed a bit by not bringing the sandwich as I ordered…I ordered it with ketchup, onion, and mayo only, and they brought it with ketchup, onion, lettuce, and some kind of spicy sauce.  Lack of attention to detail will consistently bring a score down.

The onion rings were among the best in Indy and a great compliment to the sandwich.

I really had thought this sandwich would be a “hall of famer” but not quite.  The tough bun and lack of attention to detail brings the final score to a 4.2 out of 5.  It’s a very good sandwich, and well above average, but not quite up to par with the best of the best.

Union Jacks is located at 924 Broad Ripple Avenue in Indianapolis.  You can view their website here.


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