The Bank, Pendleton, Indiana

Pendleton, Indiana is a small town located between Indianapolis and Anderson, Indiana, in Madison County.  It’s a town known for it’s antique shopping, and downtown is best described as “quaint”, in the truest sense of the word.  It’s not chain store after chain store made to look like they fit, it’s a pleasant place to spend an afternoon browsing thorugh the antique and curio shops.

Pendleton is also home to The Bank Restaurant, which is located in, well, an old bank.  You can see remnants of the bank days in the decor, and there are two seperate dining rooms, one on ground level, where it appears the lobby and customer service areas were located, and one upstairs in what I assume was once the vault.

The restaurant’s owners have done a good job of making this a comfortable place to eat.  The service is prompt and friendly, it’s non smoking, and although the staff seem to know most of the customers by name, our of town visitors are treated with the same friendliness as the locals.

The menu is pretty standard diner fare…burgers, blue plate specials, a steak or two, and lots of comfort food…beef manhattans, meatloaf, and the like.

The breaded tenderloin features promininently on their menu, with more than one sign on the wall proclaiming it “the best tenderloin in town”.  It’s also offered grilled, for those who might want that option.

So is this the best breaded tenderloin in town?  It sure looks good!  The bun is nicely toasted, and it’s a huge sandwich.  It’s pounded out just a tad thinner than I prefer, but it’s not paper thin, so I’ll not knock off any points for that.  Although it’s thinner than my preference, it’s still thick enough to give the meat itself some nice texture when you bite into it.

I’ve been racking my brain to try to think of a word to describe the breading, and the best I can come up with is “unremarkable”.  Yes, it’s good,  and it’s crispy, and it stays crisp without getting soggy, but it lacks that “wow” factor that makes one set up and take notice.

And that pretty well sums up the whole sandwich.  Yes, it’s a good tenderloin, and you’ll be full when you leave.  It’s not  a pork fritter passed off as a tenderloin, but it won’t knock your socks off.

I’m giving The Bank’s breaded tenderloin a 3 out of 5.  It’s above average, and there’s nothing really bad about it.  There’s just nothing outstanding about it!

The Bank is located at 110 W State Street in Pendleton, Indiana


7 thoughts on “The Bank, Pendleton, Indiana

  1. Hi: Have you tried the breaded tenderloins from the Nickle Plate in Fishers,IN – 116th Street at the RR. It’s one of our favs so if you haven’t tried it, you need to. We drive down from Albany, IN to eat there.

  2. I drive past this place 3 times a week on my route, I will have to try it. Maybe they upped the ante on their breading 🙂

  3. Our friends from Tenn. love going to The Bank to get the Breaded Tenderloin when they come to visit. Guess they still don’t have it much down there…land of the deprived. Ha!

  4. I’ve had a lot of tenderloins and in my opinion The Bank has the best. You also get lettuce,tomatoes and pickles. Don’t know what this guy did with his. It comes with cole slaw too. They also have awesome french onion soup and chicken teriyaki.

  5. I’ve got to say, I think the Bank’s tenderloin is outstanding. Perhaps another review is in order. I’ve had lots of tenderloins in lots of places, and the Bank ranks right up at the top.

  6. I know everyone else has talked about their breaded tenderloins – and I should probably talk about something else – but the tenderloins are so good, that everytime I have gone, that is what I order to eat…….. I haven’t wanted to try anything else. With fast service and a very friendly staff it is one of my top choices of places to eat.

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