Jim Dandy Restaurant, Nobleville, Indiana

Jim Dandy is a small chain of restaurants in Central Indiana.  I’ve eaten at a few of them through the years, but don’t recall ever having tried their breaded tenderloin sandwich.

Jim Dandy used to be known for home cooked meals for a reasonable price, and that’s still partly the case, although they seem to be pushing patrons more towards their hot bar these days…a shift of emphasis from what  I  remember in the past.  However, they still feature a full menu with a number of specials, and the prices are very reasonable for the food you receive.

Nevertheless, I opted for the breaded tenderloin, urged, in part, by the claim on their menu is the tenderloin is “what we’re famous for”.

Since their advertising boldy advertises their famous tenderloin  (the term “World Famous” is even used on the table placard) I was sure that I would receive a hand breaded, hand trimmed piece of breaded goodness.

Maybe, someday,  I’ll learn not to take advertising at face value.

What I got appeared to be a pre-frozen piece of breaded meat.  No, it didn’t appear  to be  the run of the mill frozen pork patty, but it was HIGHLY disappointing.  The breading was bland and tasteless…and the meat was pretty much the same way.  If this is what they’re famous for,  then their customer base is far less than discriminating.

I always try to find something good to say, and about this sandwich, the bun was toasted nicely and the sandwich came dressed exactly how I requested it.  The fries were hot and tasty, and the price was reasonable….$6.95 including fries.

Still, it pales to what I was expecting from a “world famous” tenderloin.  I’m going to give the Jim Dandy breaded tenderloin a 2 out of 5..below average.

Once again, the other things we ordered were very good to outstanding.  Holly ordered a black angus mushroom swiss burger that was served on Texas toast, and it was over the top good.  We shared a piece of strawberry pie for dessert, and it was a slice of heaven on a cloud of crust.

In short, everything was excellent….except the tenderloin.

The Noblesville location of Jim Dandy is located at 2301 Conner Street  (State Road 32) in Noblesville, Indiana.


5 thoughts on “Jim Dandy Restaurant, Nobleville, Indiana

  1. For a pretty darn good tenderloin you need to look into Tie Dye Grill on the east side of Indy. Its on Shadeland Ave between 10th and 16th street. They only have tenderloins on Tuesdays but they are hand breaded and delicious in my opinion. They also have onion rings that are to die for. So good. Hope you end up there at some point.

    • Thanks so much! I’ve actually been there more than once, but Tuesday is a tough night for us to get over to the east side…I’ll make it eventually, though. 🙂 And, you’re right about the Onion Rings!!

  2. Just found your site and the pictures and reviews are awesome. Next time you are near Nashville, try the 19th Hole Sports Bar and Grill at the Salt Creek Golf Course east of Nashville on 46. The tenderloin there is rumored to rival the famous “Gnaw Bone Tenderloin.”
    Another place that is really off the beaten path (but well worth the trip) is a restaurant in Norman Station on highway 56 between Bedford and Freetown called the Hitching Post (phone #812-497-3072). Have not been there for a few years, but the tenderloins we got made 3 incredible meals.

  3. I like JD overall, but that ‘loin does not look good. Still a fan of the Jim Dandy burger. Good local alternative to Denny’s/IHOP/Bob Evans etc..

  4. I was just there last weekend ,,, very disappointed ,,, the JD sandwich ,,, was just not the same ,,, esp the sausce ,,, they need to ‘kill ‘ whoever they have to ,,, to get the old recipe for that sausce ,,, the one in Noblesville was delicious ,, almost as good as the “Char Burg” in Cicero ,,,

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