Papa’s Grill, Columbus, Indiana

We were in Nashville, Indiana for a music gig, and had already made plans to do a tenderloin review while I was down there.

However, the place we had chosen doesn’t open until 5:00PM and we needed to be back on the road home by then, so off we set in search of a different one.

I vaguely remembered a local restaurant on Highway 46, just off of the interstate, and it wasn’t long before Papa’s Grill came into view.

I had very high hopes for this.  The location is great, and it was NOT a chain, so we pullled in, in anticipation of a great, local experience.

The restaurant is located in a small strip mall with several other stores, and easy access off and on the highway.  It’s part family restaurant, and part sports bar, almost like the owner’s can’t make up their mind what they want to do with the place.  There’s a small, 21 and over only bar area, but the bulk of the restaurant is all ages.  It appears the entire building is no smoking, another big plus in my book.

We entered, and the restaurant was about 20% full.  There was a large party being seated ahead of us, and every server and hostess in the restaurant was pre-occupied with seating them.  We stood, and we stood, and we stood, and every so often a server would look over at us, but continue cleaning tables.  Just as I was going to suggest to Holly that  we go find somewhere else, someone finally came and seated us.

A waitress brought our menus and took our drink orders, and the wait began again.  After quite a long wait, a different waitress brought our drinks while our original waitress stood in the back, texting on her phone.  We weren’t off to a good start.

Papa’s Grill has a quite varied menu, ranging from steaks and various seafood and pasta dishes, to burgers, subs, and pizza.

I, of course, chose the breaded tenderloin sandwich.  They offer it prepared 3 ways…grilled, blacked, or breaded.

Papa’s Grill breaded tenderloin is…well…bland, almost tastless, and full of gristle.  The first bite wasn’t bad  (nor was it really good….) but it went downhill from there.  Much of the sandwich was filled with gristle, and the breading was bland and tasteless.

On the plus side, the bun was toasted nicely and the sandwich was dressed as I ordered it.  The sandwich sells for 7.95 and that includes fries, onion rings will set you back an extra $1.00.

The more I think about this sandwich, the more I realize just how bad it was.  I’ll give it a 1 out of 5 because it was technically edible, but the service brings the experience down to a big, fat zero.

Holly had a Diablo Burger that was “just ok”.  The fries, which come with all sandwiches on the menu, had a thick coating of batter on them and they were just as disappointing as the rest of the meal.

Papa’s Grill is located at 3780 Jonathon Moore Pike in Columbus, Indiana.


2 thoughts on “Papa’s Grill, Columbus, Indiana

  1. Rick, did they forget your onion on this one? I had a good stretch of service and I thought that the nightmares were over, but it has picked up again. Maybe the change of season?!

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