I’m still here :)

I’ve gotten several emails over the past week asking where the new reviews are!
They’re coming!  We’re right in the middle of our crazy busy music season and the last few weeks have been especially busy…so don’t worry, I’ll get out soon and have some new reviews for you.

Also, I’m working on a rating “menu” where on the home page you can see my top rated tenderloins.

And, as always, if anyone wants to do a guest review…please let me know and we’ll get it started!
Have a great day everyone!


4 thoughts on “I’m still here :)

  1. Spiceland Family Restaurant has real good handmade BPT’s and onion rings – just south of I-70 at the Indiana rt 3/ Spiceland exit .I’ve eaten there several times on trips to Indy.

  2. A couple of suggestions – have you tried Sahm’s? They are at 116th and Allsionville rd. I think they have a good tenderloin, but would love to hear your thoughts.
    Also, if you could put your ratings in the “tags” of a post, that would be a great help. I have been try to check out all your 5-star places, but it is hard to find them. If you could put a “five” or “3.5” or something in the tags based on rating, it would be easy to filter. BTW. I tried both Moon Dog and Jimmy B’s thanks to your recommendations, and have since made them regular stops(although Jimmy B’s is sooooo smokey). Great site! I look forward to more reviews. Keep up the great work!

  3. What a great site. Grew up in Indiana — Seymour, Kokomo, Muncie, Indy — but living in San Francisco now and missing my BPTs. Love your reviews and the pictures. WOuld love to be able to see a list of the names of all of the restaurants and towns so I can see where the closest one to SF is!

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