The Tie Dye Grill, Indianapolis

The Tie Dye Grill’s slogan is “Where the food is groovy…and you are too!” and it’s certainly appropriate!
Stepping into the Tie Dye Grill is like a journey back to the 60s.  Movie and music posters, signs, and tie dye everywhere one looks!
Although atmosphere certainly helps restaurants, and it might bring folks through the doors, it’s the food that makes them want to come back.

The Tie Dye Grill certainly takes pride in their menu and service, and it shows from the moment one walks through the door.
They were voted the “best burger” in a poll recently published by a local TV station, and their menu features sandwiches, burgers, fish, shrimp, and more.

I’ve been wanting to try ther tenderloin for quite some time, however, they serve breaded tenderloins only one day a week, on Tuesday.  Tenderloin Tuesday.

So, this Tuesday, we braved the rain and headed out to try one.  Since they only serve breaded tenderloins one day a week,
I expected them to be the freshest of the fresh, and that certainly was the case.  The meat was tender, moist, and juicy, and was at the top of the top of the list.  Obviously very fresh, perfectly cooked, tender…’s over the top good.

The breading was almost as good.  Nice and crisp, and flavorful.  It complemented the taste of the meat without overwhelming it.  At first bite, my first impression was “5 out of 5”.

While this is a VERY good sandwich, and I’ll certainly make the special trip on a Tuesday to do it again, it wasn’t quite a 5.  Why?
Near the end of my sandwich, the bun got soggy.  I know that’s not a huge deal to some folks, but it is to me…and I’m the one doing the rating. 🙂  Perhaps it was because the bread was SO fresh…it didn’t hold it’s firmness as well, but, nevertheless, I’ve gotta knock a bit off for the sandwich getting soggy.  On the plus side, the sandwich was served dressed exactly as I ordered it, and was big enough to be a hearty meal, without being overwhelming.

All in all, I’m giving the Tie Dye Grill breaded tenderloin a 4.5 out of 5.  It’s WELL above average, and certainly worth making the drive to the East side of Indy on a Tuesday night for one!

The Tie Dye Grill is located at 1311 N Shadeland in Indianapolis.  You can visit their website at:


2 thoughts on “The Tie Dye Grill, Indianapolis

  1. This place gets a good amount of press, but I was bored looking at the menu so I have yet to try it. I keep hearing that it is towards the top of the bar food in town..

  2. I eat at the TDG often. Although I’ve never tried the tenderloin, I can say that their Be Happy Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad is one of the best in town! I also enjoy their Friday Fish & Chips special. Yum!

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