Wagon Wheel Eatery, McCordsville, Indiana

We’ve driven by the Wagon Wheel Eatery several times,  and often commented on what a cool place it looks like, but never had a chance to stop until last night.  We were headed over to visit Holly’s Father in Ingalls, Indiana, and decided to stop and have a bite to eat on the way.

The Wagon Wheel is a typical small town restaurant, and may well have the friendliest staff we’ve ever encountered.  And, this is sincere friendly, not some big city attempt at being small town.  Holly commented that being in the restaurant felt like being in someone’s living room, and, indeed, that’s the case.  We felt comfortable and at home from the moment we stepped through the door.

The menu has quite a number of items without being overwhelming.  Sandwiches, a steak or two, wings, and heavy on the comfort food.  The waitress took time to go through the menu with us.  Of course, I was only interested in one thing..the breaded tenderloin, which she told us was hand pounded and hand breaded.  That sealed the deal for me.

Upon bringing the sandwich out, my first thought was  “I hope this tastes as good as it looks”.  It looked fabulous!  And dressed just like I ordered.

Well….it didn’t taste as good as it looked…it tasted BETTER.  This tenderloin is right up at the top….I’ll cut right to the chase and tell you it’s a 5 out of 5 bites.   No question  about it.  The meat is tender and moist, and the breading is wonderfully crisp..the perfect combination of textures.

But, texture is wasted if the taste is not there.  The taste was simply fantastic.  The meat is sweet and fresh, and the breading is perfect.  I can not think of a single thing to say to detract from this sandwich.  Even the price is a bargain…$6.95 for the sandwich, and that includes hand cut, home made french fries.

Holly ordered grilled cod and it was very, very good.  As one of her sides, she ordered onion rings.  Take a tip from me…do NOT miss these onion rings.  They are battered, sweet, rings of heaven.

Everything about this experience was tops in our book.  The service, food, and atmosphere all make us anxious for our next visit!

The Wagon Wheel Eatery is located at 6833 W Broadway, McCordsville, Indiana.  I was unable to find a web page for them, but if you’re on Facebook, they do have a Facebook page.


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