Rock Run Cafe’ and Bakery, Rosedale, Indiana (Guest Review!!)

Today’s mission was for my friend, Maria and me to drive from Indianapolis to Rockville to buy some incredible Amish soft pretzels. And since we are both geocachers, we thought we’d grab a few caches along the way. We did find a few caches, but we found that the pretzels are only available on Saturdays. Oh well!. That gives us an excuse to come back.

While compiling a list of caches, I read about a restaurant called The Long Horn Tavern in Rosedale, Indiana, within sight of The Roseville Covered Bridge. I thought this might be a great place to stop for lunch. On the way there, Maria and I saw a sign for a place called The Rock Run Café and Bakery and we thought we’d try to find it after lunch for a little dessert.

When we got to Coxville, we saw The Rock Run Café and Bakery and went inside only to find out that this was the former Long Horn.Tavern, yep, one and the same. The main level seats about 50 people in a rustic, cozy room with lots of Tex Terry western movie memorabilia with country music playing overhead. There are exposed beam ceilings and some potato sacks on a section of the ceiling as well. There is a salad bar and a pastry counter. It is also an internet café with free WiFi and computer terminals at some of the tables for their customers’ use. Upstairs is a large room that seats 100 folks. On one end there is an ice cream parlor..To give you a little history, this building was built in 1923 and once served as a gasstation and general store. After the store started selling beer, it was renamed The Coxville Tavern. It closed in the late 1970’s. Not long after, B Western Movie Star, Tex Terry, returned from Hollywood to his hometown after appearing in over seventy four movies and television series. He and his agent wife, Isabel, bought the tavern in 1979 and named it Tex Terry’s Long Horn Tavern. Locals could gather to chat with the local hero and order soup, chili, or a burger.

In 1982 the tavern was purchased by Tom and Alice Hyatte, who lovingly expanded the restaurant and the menu. They ran the restaurant for 30 years. Since 2009 the next generation of family carries on since Tom and Alice have retired. The name has been changed to Rock Run Café & Bakery. They are proud of the addition of authentic artisan wood-fired brick oven pizza.

The pizza was tempting, but I asked the server if the tenderloin was hand breaded, and she assured me that it was, so I had to try it. So did Maria.

The sandwich is $6.99 and that includes one side. I had onion rings and Maria had smashed red potatoes. The onion rings were really incredible! They are large rings with a light crispy breading that almost melts in your mouth. Maria said the potatoes were awesome, combining several flavors.

The tenderloins arrived directly from the fryer. They were pounded out thinner than I prefer, and I think they were in the fryer a bit longer than necessary. The toppings arrived exactly as we ordered them. The meat was tender and flavorful and the breading was crispy, tasty, and not overpowering. The bun was not toasted, but it didn’t fall apart.

Maria ordered hers on a pretzel bun, which she felt added a little extra something to the sandwich, which she liked. I liked the tenderloin too, but it was not a five. Definitely a three and a half – better than most.

The owners were friendly and filled us in on the history of the place. The service was great, and our server even brought ‘to-go’ cups without us asking for them.

The menu features plenty of down home favorites like meatloaf, beef manhattans, country fried steaks, and fried chicken. Also they have steaks, seafood, pizza, panini’s, sandwiches and desserts. Did I say Desserts? Of course, we HAD to try the pies. Authentic Indiana Sugar Cream Pie. And their specialty, Vinegar Pie. It sounds awful, but the owner explained that it tasted like pecan pie without the pecans. And he was right. Both were excellent. You can even buy whole pies from them.

This restaurant is about 55 miles from Indianapolis – straight west on Rockville Road (US 36) to Rockville. Turn south on US 41 to Coxville Road, which is about 10 miles south of Rockville.

I definitely recommend it if you are in the area for The Covered Bridge Festival. It is worth making the trip there just for the heck of it. The Rock Run Café and Bakery is open daily from 11am – 9:30pm, but pizza’s are served until 11pm on Thursday, Fridays, and Saturdays. They are located at 8050 S. Coxville Road, Rosedale, Indiana 47874.
The web address is 765-548-9282

****Big thanks to my friend Janie Morrison, known to Geocachers as Indigo500, for this fabulous review!  Janie, you rock!


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