Grindstone Charley’s, Lafayette, Indiana

I know what you’re thinking, “you’ve already reviewed Grindstone Charley’s”.

Yes, you’re right, I have.  I reviewed the Speedway location a year or so ago.  But, I’ve found that restaurants that have more than one location aren’t necessarily consistent.  Since we stopped in Lafayette on the way to Racine, Wisconsin, I decided to give this Grindstone Charley’s a try.

The decor is almost the same as the Speedway location, and we were greeted and seated promptly and in a friendly manner, just like in Speedway.

An added bonus was that they had Fried Green Tomatos on the menu.  I’m not sure if this was a regional item, or seasonal, whichever the case may be, they were outstanding and I highly recommend them.

Honestly…I considered getting a burger here this time, as I’d already had a Grindstone breaded tenderloin.  But I remembered just how good it was, and I couldn’t help but order it again, all the while wondering if it would stand up to Speedway’s high mark.

I’m happy to report that it did.  The meat was moist and tender, and quite flavorful.  The breading is some of my favorite ever.  It’s nice and crispy and stays that way through the life of the sandwich.  The sandwich was brought with the condiments I ordered, and the bun was nicely toasted.

I gave the Speedway location 5 out of 5 bites, and I’m doing the same for the Lafayette location.  It’s a winner, folks!

Grindstone Charley’s, Lafayette, is located at 3443 State Road 26 E in Lafayette, Indiana


11 thoughts on “Grindstone Charley’s, Lafayette, Indiana

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  2. 5 weeks w/o a review – please tell you’re not sick of eating the perfect meal, Mr Garrett!

    I’ll do a guest review on the south side of Indy if need be

  3. Rick,

    Thank you for your nice comments! Glad your experience went well and you loved our tenderloin! Stop in again next time your up our way!

    -Blake Fogelsong
    Manager – Grindstone Charley’s Lafayette

  4. I grew up in central Indiana, but now live in the region. My closest tenderloin fix is Grindstone Charley’s in Lafayette, but I need something closer. Can you help me? Please?

  5. Thanks to your review of Grindstone Charley’s, we stopped in while in Lafayette. Yummy, and one of the cleanest restaurants we have been in ever.

    BTW, we too live in “the region” – not a tenderloin in sight.

    Keep eating and blogging!

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