Mickey’s Irish Pub, Carmel, Indiana

Mickey’s Irish Pub is an Irish themed pub located in Carmel, Indiana.
Although it’s not as authentic as some I’ve been to…it’s certainly a cut above some of the corporate knock offs that seem to be so popular these days. It’s pleasantly decorated with warm, dark wood, leaded glass, and, to their credit, only a couple of TVs, so one can enjoy a nice meal without being distracted by every satellite channel on the face of the earth.

This very much has the feel of a neighborhood bar…it was evident that many of the patrons were regulars, and the staff knew them by name.
That said, you won’t feel like an outsider even if it is your first time here.  The staff was friendly and the service good.

The menu is quite varied, with an impressive selection of appetizers, sandwiches, full meals, and pizza.

They offer their tenderloin grilled or breaded, and the server told me they hand bread their own tenderloins…which is a good sign.  So, how was it?


In 3 words, pretty darn good.  The breading was nice and crisp, and quite tasty.  What keeps it from being pretty darn good to being fantastic?

For me, it was the thickness of the meat.  I know that this is largely a matter of personal preference, but, for me, I prefer my tenderloins NOT pounded out paper thin. When the meat is pounded paper thin, it’s hard to distinguish between the texture of the breading and the texture/taste of the meat. While the breading was excellent, the meat was pounded so thin that it was difficult to get a good feel for what it was really like. I couldn’t find anything really bad about the meat, but I couldn’t find anything really good about it, either.  If you’re a fan of paper thin tenderloins, you’ll REALLY like this one. If, like me, you prefer thicker meat, you’ll find it just so-so.

Mickey’s Irish Pub’s breaded tenderloin sells for $7.49, and that includes chips.  I upgraded to fries, which for $1.79 seems just a touch pricey for an upgrade, but I will say that I got a VERY generous portion of fries.They were above average, but not quite excellent.  The sandwich was dressed as I requested, and Mickey’s gets high marks for attention to detail.

I’ll give Mickey’s Irish Pub’s breaded tenderloin a 3.5 out of 5.  It’s above average and worth a stop…but I wouldn’t drive a long distance for it.

That said, the service, atmosphere, and rest of the menu merits a repeat visit from us. Holly had something I’ve never heard of…it’s called Gus’s Grilled Garlic Aoli Tenderloin, which was a grilled tenderloin covered with sauteed spinach, mushrooms, mozarella cheese and aoli sauce, and she reported it was quite good.

Mickey’s Irish Pub is located at 13644 N Meridian Street in Carmel, Indiana.  You can visit their website and see their menu at http://mickeysirishpub.com


2 thoughts on “Mickey’s Irish Pub, Carmel, Indiana

  1. Wow, seeing that place brings back memories. Carla & I used to frequent that place a LOT when we lived/worked in Carmel. They have (had) a room in back with pool tables and live music on the weekends. Used to have a lot of after-work activities there too. Always thought their food was pretty good.

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