The Georgetowner Draft House, Fortville, Indiana

A few months ago, I was made aware of The Georgetowner Draft House in Fortville, Indiana.  I’m always up for trying new places, and on one of our trips over to Hancock County we decided to stop in, and I had planned to do a tenderloin review.

I ordered my tenderloin, and got a pork fritter.  However, while we were dining, the chef came out and we had a lengthy conversation about Indiana tenderloins, and he told me that he was learning to make them from scratch, and within a week, they’d be serving hand pounded, hand breaded tenderloins.  So, I scrapped that review and decided to do one our next trip through the area.

This week found us back in Hancock County, and we decided to stop in for supper.

Just like the first time we visited, my first impression of this place was very favorable!  I REALLY like the atmosphere here….part Irish Pub, part working mans’ bar, it’s a nice mix that works quite well for me.  The service is prompt and friendly without being overbearing.  There are several TVs scattered around showing sports, but the volume is at a reasonable level, so it’s not intrusive.  You can carry on a comfortable conversation without excessive background noise.

It appears the menu has changed a bit since the last time I was here….most notably, they now show their tenderloin as a “handmade tenderloin”.  We were off to a good start, and I was anticipating a great sandwich!

One of the hardest things about doing this is maintaining a fair observation of a sandwich, regardless of how well I like a restaurant.  This is one of those times where that came into play.


Here we are, setting in a restaurant I REALLY liked, with great service and atmosphere, and their “handmade” tenderloin looked like a pre-made, frozen patty.  And, it tasted like it, also.  The best words I can think of to describe this are “bland and tasteless” – a huge disappointment after so much anticipation.

I WILL say that it was edible…..but that’s about it.  I’ll give The Georgetowner’s tenderloin a 1 out of 5 bites.  I’ll certainly not order it again.

That said…everything else was very good indeed.  Holly had a Pork BBQ sandwich and proclaimed it very tasty….and the rest of the menu appears to be a cut about the rest.  I’ll certainly visit The Georgetowner again….likely for Trivia Night on a Thursday…but I’ll pass on the tenderloin.

The Georgetowner is located at 215 S Main Street in Fortville, Indiana.  You can find them online at


2 thoughts on “The Georgetowner Draft House, Fortville, Indiana

  1. I guess you did not get to talk to the chef to comfirm the frozen “handmade” sandwich.

    wonder if their burgers are “handmade”


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