Jimmy B’s, Home Place (Indianapolis) Indiana

Jimmy B’s is the place where it all started.  My very first tenderloin review was Jimmy B’s and they earned the coveted 5 out of 5 bite rating.
Last week, we were looking for somewhere close to home to have dinner.  It had been awhile, so we decided to stop in at Jimmy B’s for old time’s sake.
I was shocked to see that they had upgraded their menu…added a few things, took a few away…and they had completely changed the description of their breaded tenderloin.  So I knew that a re-review was in order.

One of the things that distressed me so was that the description of the new tenderloin was “bigger than your head”….and, I thought to myself, “oh, no, here we go again…”.  I’ve had some less than stellar tenderloins that were all about size, rather than quality.

Turns out, my fears were unfounded.  Yes, it’s larger than the previous tenderloin.  But it still retains a very nice thickness, and the breading is out of this world.  They’ve obviously added a little something to the breading, and stepped it up a notch….making this an absolutely fabulous sandwich.
The meat itself is nice and thick, moist and tender, and extremely flavorful.  The breading….over the top good.  A very nice, satisfying “crunch” that adds perfectly to the tenderness of the meat.
The bun is nice and toasty, and the sandwich was dressed exactly as I requested…a little detail that far too many restaurants forget.

There’s no doubt that Jimmy B’s retains the 5 out or 5 rating…and, I would have to say that, at this time, it’s the best tenderloin I’ve had since I started doing this.  Simply stellar.

Jimmy B’s is located at 106th and College, on the Southwest corner.  It’s 21 and over only and smoking is allowed.  And, do yourself a favor.  When you visit….take some time and just soak up the atmosphere.


4 thoughts on “Jimmy B’s, Home Place (Indianapolis) Indiana

  1. Have you tried the tenderloin at the Longhorn Restaurant in Greensboro, IN? I had it yesterday, best tenderloin I have tasted – hand made and breading is a secret recipe. All at the table of 5 liked their tenderloins.

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