The Metro, Indianapolis. (Mass Ave)

The Metro Restaurant and Nightclub is located on Mass Ave, near downtown Indianapolis, a wonderfully artsy/quirky strip of restaurants, clubs, shops, and more. We enjoy visiting Mass Ave – it’s a nice place to spend an evening wandering around, grabbing a bite to eat, doing a little shopping, and maybe catching a show.The area has been revitalized over the past few years and I consider it to be one of the gems of Indianapolis.

The Metro does a hopping business, as evidenced by our visit at about 6PM on a weeknight.  The bar area was crowded with folks visiting and chatting.The dining room was pleasantly busy without being overly crowded.  The decor is friendly and inviting, if a bit quirky in places.

The menu is quite varied….a number of different salads, sandwiches and entrees.  Prices are reasonable and there’s a nice mix of down home favorites, and more exotic fare.

I had heard about their breaded tenderloin, and we had to be down in that area for a meeting, so we decided to have our dinner there.
The Metro’s tenderloin is offered breaded or grilled, and, of course, I chose the former.


I had really high hopes for this sandwich.  When they brought it out, it certainly looked outstanding. I liked the size…nice and thick, not pounded out to the size of a hubcap…and the breading looked amazing.

Oh, but looks can sometimes be deceiving, can’t they?  From the first bite….I could tell this sandwich was just average. Let me be clear that there was nothing really wrong with it…there was just nothing that makes it stand out of the crowd, either. Breading, flavor, texture, all of it, just average. It was a breaded tenderloin…and that’s about all I can say about it.

I’m going to give the Metro breaded tenderloin a 3 out of 5, just average.  It sells for 8.95 and that includes your choice of chips, pub chips, or onion straws.

That said, Holly had the Black and Bleu Steak Salad, and that steak was nothing short of sublime-really outstanding. That’s at the top of my list to order when we go back.  Yes…we liked the overall experience and will certainly go back, but I’ll try something else off of the menu.

The Metro is located at 707 Mass Ave in Indianapolis.  It’s an 21 and over smoking restaurant, and you can find them online at:


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