Amazing Joe’s, Muncie, Indiana

I was vaguely aware of Amazing Joe’s through our friend Brian Wallen, who has played music there in the past.

It’s located on Wheeling Avenue in Muncie, just south of the county fairgrounds, and across the river from Muncie Central High school.
For a number of years, it was the 909 Grill, and, before that, I believe it might have been a liquor store at one point.
The 909 Grill did a brisk business for quite a few years, and I learned recently it was now Amazing Joes.

Upon entering the restaurant, I was surprised at just how large it was.  There’s a small bar, and family dining area on the ground floor, and a nice sized upstairs (where we sat) that is sectioned off into 3 or 4 areas, adding a nice touch of intimacy to the restaurant.

Upon perusing their menu, they advertised a hand cut, hand breaded tenderloin, so I decided to give it a thought.
As an aside…I’ve been burned a couple of times by restaurants that advertise hand cut and hand breaded tenderloins, but instead serve pork fritters. I questioned our capable waitress if it was REALLY hand cut and breaded, and she assured me that it was.

The sandwich arrived dressed exactly as I had ordered it, and it certainly looked good. I cut a piece off and tried it..then gave Holly a sample…and we both agreed, this is a REALLY good sandwich.T he meat was as moist and tender as any I’ve tasted, and the breading was a very good compliment to the meat. They’ve obviously done their homework here. By itself, the breading might not be fantastic…but combined with the oustanding meat, it was as near perfect as you can get. A nice, satisfying crunch to the breading, compared to the tenderness and moistness of the meat make this sandwich a 5 out of 5.

The bun was nice and fresh, and as I mentioned before, the sandwich was served dressed as I requested, a nice attention to detail.

Amazing Joe’s breaded tenderloin sells for $8.95, and that includes your choice of several sides, including steak fries, sweet potato fries (which were outstanding, by the way), peanut slaw, and a couple more.

Holly chose a grilled chicken sandwich, and, it, also, was outstanding.

The service was prompt and friendly, and I give kudos to Amazing Joe’s for the way they handled the service. There was a very large birthday party seated close to us, and I feared we’d have to share our server with them, but they were assigned their own server. Great job, Amazing Joe’s…you obviously know how to treat customers right so they’ll come back!

Amazing Joe’s is located at 909 N Wheeling in Muncie, and you can find them online at



One thought on “Amazing Joe’s, Muncie, Indiana

  1. I recently had a breaded tenderloin at “Amazing” Joe’s and found it far from amazing or even “fair”.The breading was falling off before I even picked it up. Apparently it, along with the lettuce, tomato, onion and bun weren’t very fresh. They had the appearance and texture of something that was a day or two old. The sandwich also came with pickles and were probably the best parf of the sandwich. In fairness I must say the shrimp coktail I ordered was very good, the sweet potato fries not so much. The Cokes were excellent,
    Maybe even “Amazing”.

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