The Bush Restaurant, Terre Haute, Indiana

ImageWe found ourselves making a last minute trip to Terre Haute, Indiana, and did a frantic search for a good tenderloin in the area.

A musician buddy of mine (Thanks, Jason!!) found a Yelp!  review of The Bush restaurant in Terre Haute, and the review said they had a “terrific” tenderloin, so I decided to give them a try.

The Bush is located near the ISU campus, but I saw nary a student in the restaurant.  The clientele was older folks, who appeared to be regulars…many of them were greeted by name by the server.

I must give a shout out to our server.  She was the only one working, and she was SLAMMED.  She did a GREAT job of taking care of all the tables, getting orders and food out in a timely manner.  She did an outstanding job, and if service is always this good at the Bush, they’ve got a great staff.

I, of course, ordered the breaded tenderloin.  On the menu, it said “hand cut and prepared in our own kitchen”.


I really, really wish I could give this tenderloin a great review – that is how much I liked the restaurant.  But, I’ve got to be honest.  It was one of, if not THE, most disappointing tenderloin I’ve ever had in my life.  Bland, tasteless, tough, and chewy…it was just awful.  How bad was it?  I didn’t even finish it….it was that bad.  The fries that came with it were very tasty, though, as was the cole slaw.  I’ll give this tenderloin a 0 out of 5 bites.

But all was not lost.  Holly chose the diet plate, which consisted of baked cod, green beans and peaches.  The restaurant’s menu goes on and on about their fried cod – and as delicious as it looked and smelled, Holly opted for the baked cod.  She reported it to be excellent – it had a light, flaky and buttery texture with an outstanding flavor – perfectly seasoned.  The sides were pretty standard for a diet plate – no extra seasonings or condiments – and that is what she expected, so she was not disappointed!  Holly added that she would order that meal again in a heartbeat, and looks forward to trying the fried cod someday.

I liked the Bush.  I liked it quite a lot.  Next time in Terre Haute, I’ll certainly go back.  I just won’t order their cardboard tenderloin.


3 thoughts on “The Bush Restaurant, Terre Haute, Indiana

  1. I used to have the fried fish sandwich at the Bush all the time when I lived in Terre Haute in the early 90s. Good Lord, did I enjoy that simple sandwich. There were more big pieces of fried fish than you could put on the bun. I never varied from that order to try the tenderloin! I always found the Bush to be a cozy, friendly, laid-back kind of place. Nice to know it’s still open.

  2. I’m not sure if you covered Culver’s yet, but they have a decent tenderloin. I believe they bread it in house and they use cracker crumbs for the breading. I really enjoyed the one I had the other night.

  3. You have to have the breaded tenderloin from Delish Cafe at 25th and Maple, in Terre Haute. It won the WTHI-TV contest for Best Tenderloin in the Wabash Valley. The chef is from Bosnia-Herzegovina, I believe and adds traditional spices from that region. It’s subtle, but just adds a little something to her tenderloin that makes it unique. I, too am a tenderloin lover and I don’t know that I’ve ever had a better one.

    Now, The Bush still makes the best fish sandwich in town. They’ve held that title for probably 40 years.

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