The Aristocrat, Indianapolis (post fire visit)


The Aristocrat Pub is an Indianapolis legend.  Located in south Broad Ripple, it has a very dedicated customer base from all over Marion County and beyond.I had done a previous review of the Aristocrat, and included them in my 100th special edition of The Tenderloin Connoisseur, naming them one of the top 3 tenderloins in Indianapolis.


August 25th, 2011, the Aristocrat suffered a devastating fire, closing the restaurant for over a year. 

To the owner’s credit, instead of abandoning the property, they chose to rebuild and reopen this landmark in October of 2012.Fast forward to March of 2013.  Although I had wanted to get back to the Aristocrat since they opened, this was our first chance to get there.


The remodeling is fantastic.  The Aristocrat still features the same warm wood tones as before, but the interior seems to be a little more open and airy than before.  I’ve always felt that the Aristocrat had a fine balance of being a neighborhood bar and welcoming newcomers, and I think that is even more apparent now with the remodel.


There appears to have been a few tweaks to the menu since their closing, but I was there for one reason and for one reason only:  the tenderloin.


ImageI’m happy to report that the Aristocrat tenderloin is still one of the very best in Indiana.  Obviously hand breaded and pounded, it’s not pounded out TOO thin.  There’s a nice heft to the sandwich, and the breading stays crisp throughout the life of the sandwich.   The meat is tasty and moist, and the crunch of the breading is the perfect complement to the meat.


This being St Patrick’s Day weekend, they had a corned beef and cabbage special.  That’s what Holly chose for her meal.  The corned beef was less than desirable – too much fat and zero flavor, as well as being over-cooked.  But the cabbage…the cabbage was the best she’s ever tasted!  The seasoning was nothing short of spectacular!  It was cooked to al dente and was not oily, as some corned beef and cabbage can tend to be.  The special also came with boiled potatoes and a soda bread muffin.  The potatoes were spot on – cooked to perfection.  And although the muffin was not her personal favorite, it was authentic.


I’m certainly going to give the Aristocrat tenderloin a 5 out of 5 bites.  This one is as good as it gets, folks.


I am going to make a note.  Maybe our server was having a bad day, or maybe she was new, but our service was not up to the normal Aristocrat standards.  I got the wrong side with my sandwich (I ordered fries, I got slaw instead) and my drink wasn’t refilled for a long time.  It also took a lengthy wait to get our check after the meal was finished.  Hopefully this is an isolated incident, as I’ve always found their service to be stellar.

The Aristocrat is located at 52nd and College in Indianapolis. You can find them online at, and they also have a Facebook pa


4 thoughts on “The Aristocrat, Indianapolis (post fire visit)

  1. Have you tried the tenderloin at the Tip Top Tavern? It is located in Indy at 1341 N. Capitol Ave. They cut their own and use a cuber rather than a mallet. I don’t eat fried food any longer but I have tried the grilled and the meat is first rate. My buddy has tried the B.T. at both places and;for what it is worth; thinks the one at Tip Top is… tip top.

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