Dear John’s Pub, Indianapolis

Dear John’s is a neighborhood pub located on the East side of Indianapolis. It’s nestled in an older, small, strip mall and appears pretty generic from the outside.

 Inside, it’s a long, narrow building that looks just like, well, a neighborhood bar. It’s got Colts and Pacers posters on the wall, some Purdue and IU items, a jukebox and a few video games.

 As you enter, the first thing you’ll see is the carry out area, which looks kind of like a liquor store. Then you enter the bar area, and then a somewhat separate dining area.

 The menu is pretty much standard bar fare; sandwiches, burgers, pizza, and on Saturday nights, a steak special. When I saw that they offered their tenderloin either breaded or grilled, I assumed it would be hand breaded and chose that.


And, indeed, it appears to be hand breaded. The breading is nice and crispy and doesn’t get soggy. The breading not only has a good texture, it was quite tasty also! The sandwich isn’t greasy at all, and was cooked perfectly.

 The meat was pounded out a little thinner than I prefer, but not TOO much…just a little. I can live with that. However, the meat was pretty dry and bland. This COULD have been a VERY good tenderloin if a better piece of meat was used. The way it stands right now, I’d give it 3 out of 5 bites….a little above average. The sandwich was served dressed exactly as I requested, and the service was very good indeed.


I MUST say a word about the onion rings. I’m even going to include a photo! They’re different than any other onion rings I’ve ever had, and they were quite tasty. I’d certainly order them again. If you order them, you’d better be very hungry or prepared to share them. There is a LOT of food here.

For her meal, Holly chose a basic grilled chicken sandwich with tomato and onion. She chose a garden salad with fat free Italian dressing for her side. The sandwich came dressed as requested. The chicken was well seasoned and flavorful. There was nothing outstanding here, just good, basic bar food.

 Dean John’s Pub is located at 7941 E 30 but they do have a Facebook page.




street in Indianapolis. I was unable to find a website for them,


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