Takathemoke Restaurant Milroy, Indiana


Takathemoke restaurant is located in the little town of Milroy, Indiana, at the junction of highways 244 and 3 in Indiana.

We’ve passed by this restaurant countless times in our travels, and have always been meaning to stop in, but, never seemed to be passing through at meal time.  This trip, the time was right and we were passing through at the right time for an early dinner.

Takathemoke appears to be in an old farmhouse.  The back part of it has been converted into a bar, and the front is two small dining rooms.  It’s a small restaurant, but very cozy.

As I mentioned, we were there for an early dinner (about 330 PM) so it was kind of an “off” time for them.  Only one employee was on duty, but she did a capable job of taking care of us, even though she was cleaning tables, waiting tables, and cooking.

They offer their hand breaded tenderloin in 2 sizes, a large and a small.  When I saw the price….I was amazed at how inexpensive it was.  The large was 6.95, and that included fries (or another side), and the small was 4.95, and that included fries or another side of your choice.  I opted for the large, of course. 


It’s a darn fine tenderloin.  The bread them in-house, and the breading has a VERY nice crunch to it, and stays crisp throughout the life of the sandwich.  The meat was above average, but I’d say it falls short of being outstanding.  Still, it was an above average sandwich, if just a bit on the bland side.  It could have stood some seasoning. I’ll give it 3.5 out of 5 bites.

As an added bonus, they serve Wick’s Sugar Cream Pie, the perfect way to end ANY meal!

Takathemoke restaurant is located on State Road 244, just east of State Road 3, in downtown Milroy, Indiana


One thought on “Takathemoke Restaurant Milroy, Indiana

  1. This place is amazing! Not only was the food divine ,but the service was great as well!! Welcomed with a warm heart and big smile! I recommend everyone experience this good old fashion place!

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