Nickel Plate Bar and Grill, Fishers, Indiana

This is second in a series of reviews for the Hamilton County Convention and Visitors Bureau, and, as such, I won’t be grading on my normal 1-5 bite scale, rather, I’ll simply try to give you an accurate impression of my experience.

The Nickel Pate Bar and Grill is located in what I would call “old” Fishers, right on 116th street, just West of the Interstate, next to the train tracks and depot.
Those of you who know me as a musician know my affinity for train songs, and train history, so it’s only natural that I love the atmosphere! This isn’t a “cookie cutter” restaurant, they’ve obviously given some thought to the decor, with nice touches of local history and train history, so I felt right at home!

The Nickel Plate has a bar area, as well as a family dining area, so whether you’ve got kids or not, there’s a spot for you.

We were greeted promptly and in a friendly manner by both the hostess and our waitress, and shown to our table. Since we arrived before the dinner rush, we had plenty of seats to choose from.

Nickle Plate seems to have a nice selection of local, regional, and national beers, and a few things on the beer list that seem out of the ordinary.

Of course, I was there to sample the breaded tenderloin. which Indy Men’s Magazine proclaimed “Indiana’s Best Tenderloin”.

LoinThe sandwich was served on a kaiser roll, which is a little out of the norm..most restaurants serve their tenderloins on a regular bun, but the kaiser roll works well.

As mentioned in a previous review, there are two distinct schools of thought on breaded tenderloins. Some like them pounded out very thin, while some prefer a thicker piece of meat. The thicker is my personal preference…neither is right or wrong, it IS just a matter of preference…and Nickel Plate is of the thicker variety. The tenderloin seems pounded enough to tenderize it, while preserving the thickness of the meat. The meat was moist, tender, and fresh.

The breading was fantastic! Nice and crisp, it stayed that way through the life of the sandwich, without getting soggy. This is one fine sandwich, and, if your preference is a thicker tenderloin, you’ll really like this one. It certainly merits a return was that good!

Nickel Plate’s tenderloin sells for 8.99 and that includes chips. You can upgrade to fries for a modest upcharge, which I did. The fries are good, but, really, nothing special. Still, a nice compliment to the sandwich.

NIckel Pate is located at 8654 E 116th street in Fishers. You can find them online at


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