86th Street Pub, Indianapolis, IN

86th front

86th Street Pub is a place I’d been to a time or two in the past, but didn’t remember it making a big impression on me one way or the other.

I’d heard…likely through social media…that they were under new management, and I had intended to visit, but had never got around to it, until my wife was invited to be part of a podcast that originates from there.

The pub is located in a somewhat aging strip center on 86th street, just West of Michigan Road. There are a variety of businesses in this center, and the 86th Street Pub is located right in the center.

Upon entering, I was struck by how well lit and airy it was…a welcome change from many of the dark, almost depressing pubs I visit for work from time to time. And it’s big, too! They main room has quite a few TVs, and the back room has pool tables, a couple of TV’s, and it, too, is well lit and inviting.

So, the atmosphere was good….and I saw the hand breaded tenderloin on the menu, and had to give it a try.

86th loin

I’ll keep this short and sweet. This is one of the best tenderloins in Indy, hands down. The meat is fresh, tender, and moist, and the breading is sublime. Nice, light, and crispy, it compliments rather than overwhelms the taste of the meat. I’ve had two of these tenderloins in the last couple of weeks, and both of them were a solid 5 out of 5 bites.

Several sides are available, and I HIGHLY recommend the onion rings, available for a small upcharge.

While dining at the 86th Street Pub, my wife has tried several of their offerings: the Black & Bleu salad, California Chicken Club, and the Spicy Southwest Wrap. She liked them all and wouldn’t hesitate to get any of them again! But her favorite part is the fact that, in addition to their standard beer selections, they have a surprisingly diverse offering of local and regional craft beer. There is truly something for everyone, and they do great job at changing up what they have on tap.

In addition to their beer selections, The 86th Street Pub also features live entertainment…music, trivia, and more.

I do have to put a plug in for the live podcast, the Indy Drinking Dead. Broadcast live from the pub Sunday nights at 8PM, followed by a current episode viewing party at 9PM. You can find the podcast website at http://www.indydrinkingdead.com

You can find the 86th Street Pub online at http://www.86thstreetpub.com


6 thoughts on “86th Street Pub, Indianapolis, IN

  1. As an IU Bloomington Alumnus who is professionally trapped deep behind enemy lines in Columbus, O, I’m living vicariously through your reviews. Good loins are an endangered species in this strange outpost where they put their IQ scores and marijuana leaves on their football helmets. Your reviews bring me great joy, which confuses my wonderful non-Hoosier vegetarian wife. Eating your/my favorite sandwiches is #1 on my bucket list. Thanks for your dedicated and tireless research and sharing with your less fortunate and envious fans!
    Respectfully yours,
    Non-buckeye Mike

  2. I was just referred to your site after telling a co-worker about the best tenderloin sandwich I’ve ever had. I think the place is somewhat new, and I would have spent the time browsing your site to see if you had found it, but I really don’t have the time.

    After that sort-of an apology: if you get a chance, try the Pit Stop Grill in Union City, IN.

  3. Only recently remembered the tenderloin sandwiches from my childhood growing up in IL . I also only recently realized that these sandwiches don’t exist in the various parts of the country where I have lived for the last 31 years. So I decided the next time I was in Indiana, I would find a restaurant where I could get one to see if they are as good as I remembered. Based upon the description and picture I chose the 86th street pub to relive this culinary fav of my childhood and was not disappointed. Their tenderloin is better than anything I remember from my childhood and probably one of the best sandwiches I have had in a long time. I would choose the 86th Street Pub breaded tenderloin over a burger any day. It is a shame I can’t get a tenderloin sandwich where I live; almost makes me want to open a food truck to introduce them to the uninitiated. Thanks you very much to this blog for helping me rediscover this sandwich!

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