Murphy’s at Flynn’s, Indianapolis

Murphys front

I’d been to Murphy’s Steakhouse when it was on Keystone, and I’d also been to Pat Flynn’s pub on Allisonville Road, but I’d not returned since they merged.

We attended a private Geocaching event there earlier in the week, and I thought it was the perfect chance to review their tenderloin.

Murphy’s @ Flynn’s is much larger than it appears on the outside, and its decor is warm wood tones and dark greens.  It’s very warm and welcoming, and, thanks to a lot of windows, is brighter than I anticipated.

From the folks (outside our own group) that were there, it appears to an older crowd.  Lots of folks seemed to know each other, and it’s obvious they have a very strong customer base.

I’ll be honest and say I only gave the menu a glance…when I saw hand breaded tenderloin, I knew that was what I was going to get.  My last couple of tenderloins were less than stellar, and I had high hopes that this would be a good one.

Murphys Loin

Indeed, it is a good one.  Obviously hand breaded, the breading was nice and crisp, and stayed that way throughout the life of the sandwich without getting soggy.  I will say that the breading could have stood a bit more seasoning, but looking at the clientele, I can see why it wasn’t…older folks, generally, tend to be less adventurous eaters.

The meat itself was flavorful, moist, and tender…a fine cut of tenderloin indeed.

Had the sandwich had a bit more seasoning, I would have given it a 5 star.  As I had it, I still would give it a very solid 4…well above average, and I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to order it again.

For her dinner, my wife chose a wedge salad.  If you’ve never had a wedge salad, you owe it to yourself to try one.  It is very basic:  a wedge of iceburg lettuce, blue cheese dressing, bacon bits, and typically tomatoes…either wedges or diced.  This one is served with the dressing poured over the top of the wedge and diced tomatoes mixed in.  Had she known that is how it was served, she said she would have asked for the dressing and tomatoes on the side.  And the bacon bits…well…they’re imitation bacon bits.  Holly says, “Having real bacon bits on a wedge salad is one of life’s little pleasures.  And being served imitation ones was rather disappointing.”

She also ordered a bowl of Northern bean soup.  Although the flavor was really good, when she got it, it was cold.  We asked for it to be warmed up and they obliged us with no questions asked and an apology.  She said It came back perfectly heated and quite tasty!

Murphy’s at Flynn’s is located at 52nd and Allisonville.  Their website is, and they also have a Facebook page.


One thought on “Murphy’s at Flynn’s, Indianapolis

  1. Hope you might be willing to help share your expertise by suggesting a good restaurant for the traditional pork tenderloin sandwich. We are traveling through Indiana early next week from Corydon, IN to Southern Michigan along I65 and I69. My husband has never had one and I lived in New Castle and Anderson areas in the early 80’s and have ‘spun the tenderloin yarn’ with him for the last 20 years that we’ve lived in Texas.
    Probably a strange request, but I can tell from your blog you are serious and could point us in the right direction. (I’ll trade the favor if you ever want BBQ recommendations in Texas:))
    Caite and Glenn

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