The Farmhouse Restaurant, Metamora, Indiana


The Farmhouse Restaurant is a new, farm to table restaurant in historic Metamora, Indiana.
Before I start the review, I want to state up front that the owners of the restaurant and her parents are friends of ours.  I believe I can still do an honest review, but I won’t rate on the traditional bite scale because of that.

The Farmhouse is located in an old, restored house on the north side of the canal in Metamora.  Upon entering, I was taken by how light, airy, and open it is.  It’s decorated with a smattering of antiques here and there, but not so much that it’s overwhelming.

They have a decent sized menu, especially for a small town restaurant, and everything is prepared fresh with the bulk of it being locally sourced.  They obviously take great care in providing food that is prepared just like grandma used to make.

We’d been there for breakfast a few times (I HIGHLY recommend the sausage and apples) before our schedule allowed us to have lunch there.  When I saw they had a breaded tenderloin, I had to try it.

The sandwich is obviously hand made.  The meat was pounded out just a tad thinner than I prefer, but it wasn’t paper thin. It was a moist and tasty piece of meat!
The breading was wonderful.  I liked it even more when I found out that the breading is made from cornmeal ground at the historic gristmill located right on the canal in Metamora!! The breading was nicely seasoned and the sandwich was just the right size. Not TOO big, but still a hearty meal.

There are a few sides available.  We chose the broccoli cauliflower salad.  I’m not much of a salad guy….but let me tell you, this was amazing!

This is a great tenderloin sandwich.  I certainly would not hesitate to order it again!

The farmhouse restaurant is located at 19049 Clayborne Street in Metamora, Indiana.  I was unable to find a website for them, but their Facebook page is located at


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