Wagner’s Village Inn, Oldenburg Indiana

Oldenburg Indiana is known for two things…its beautiful churches and fried chicken.

Having attended hundreds (or more) church pitch in dinners in my lifetime, I know, firsthand, that nothing goes together like church and chicken.

And, even though this is my 2nd stop on the Oldenburg dining tour, I’ve yet to sample the fried chicken. That’s next on my list.

WagnersWagner’s is your typical small town restaurant/bar combination. Warm, inviting, and friendly, when you walk in the atmosphere welcomes you like a friend, whether it’s your first time here or you’re a seasoned regular.

Make no mistake about it, fried chicken is king at Wagner’s, but they have a nice menu of other things…sandwiches, burgers, and more.

They offer a hand breaded tenderloin, and I knew in a heartbeat that was what I was going to get.

IMG_20160313_140843_018This tenderloin is top notch! There are a couple of things that I like about it. First, it’s not so large as to be overwhelming. It’s a hearty meal, to be sure, but you won’t leave feeling overstuffed.

Sometimes, in the food world, that attitude has become “bigger is better”, but this is a perfect example that this isn’t always the case.

Secondly, the breading. This is as fine a breading as I’ve tasted in a while. Very nice and crispy with just a hint of seasoning. It’s the perfect complement to a tender and moist cut of meat.

The sandwich was served on a typical bun, and dressed as requested. I chose fries as my side. They were good, but pretty standard fries…nothing quite set them apart.

For her dinner, my wife chose the grilled chicken platter with two sides – fries and cole slaw. The grilled chicken was a little dry, but the cole slaw was good. We will definitely return to enjoy the family style fried chicken dinner – that seems to be their specialty, and definitely the way to go!

Here’s a tip for you….for dessert, they have homemade cobbler. The day we were they had peach and blackberry. It’s OUTSTANDING cobbler and I highly recommend topping your meal off with a serving.

Wagner’s is located at 22171 Main Street in Oldenburg, Indiana. I was unable to locate a website or official Facebook page for them.


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