Pearl Street Pub, Oldenburg Indiana

PearlSIgnPearl Street Pub is the 3rd of 3 pubs/restaurants in Oldenburg Indiana where I reviewed the tenderloin.

Oldenburg Indiana is a lovely German town, often called the Village of Spires. Ornate church steeples dominate the landscape, and it’s a very historic town. A few unique shops, 3 restaurants, and a great town for photography!

Oldenburg 1

I’ve never been to Bavaria, but I can’t imagine stepping into Pearl Street is much different. Lots of dark wood, people laughing, and just a fun atmosphere.

They have a number of items on their menu, and, of course, I was there to try the hand breaded tenderloin.

Here’s what I learned about tenderloins in Oldenburg. The Brau Haus tenderloin was VERY German influenced. You could really taste the spices, and it was very non­traditional for an Indiana tenderloin.

Wagner’s was very Indiana ­traditional. Just a hint of salt and pepper.

Pearl Street Pub’s falls right in the middle. There are enough German spices that you can taste them, but they aren’t overwhelming. You get the sense of German cooking without going full bore on it. For those who prefer a more traditional Indiana tenderloin with just a little adventure, this is the one for you, in my opinion.

Pearl Loin

The breading was nice and crunchy, and stayed crisp throughout the life of the sandwich.

The meat was good, but was just a tad dry. Not terribly dry, but enough so that I’ll give it a 4 star instead of a 5 star rating.

For her lunch, Holly had fried cod loin and cole slaw. She reported the cod to be tasty, but just a little on the dry side. The cole slaw had more of a vinegar influence than she was expecting, since it was a creamy slaw, and the chop size of the cabbage was a little finer than she prefers. But all in all, a fine lunch.

Here’s a tip. As an appetizer, we had the sweet potato fries with caramel sauce. Trust me, you need to try these.

The Pearl Street Pub is located at 3034 Pearl Street in Oldenburg, Indiana. I couldn’t located a website for them, but they do have a Facebook page.


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