Cobblestone Grill, Zionsville, Indiana

One of the things I really enjoy doing is talking about tenderloins to other foodies, and last week I had the chance to do that.

My wife, Holly, and I, met Jolene Ketzenberger at the Cobblestone Grill in Zionsville for dinner, to talk tenderloins. Jolene is a food writer and restaurant critic, and you might have seen her work at or on Thrillist, or heard on on WFYI or seen her on the morning show “Indy Style”. She’s certainly worth a follow on twitter.

Cobblestone Front

The Cobblestone is an upscale restaurant in the lovely community of Zionsville, located right downtown, it’s long and narrow, and nicely decorated. Take a moment and check out the ceiling fans, which were installed by the local company Fanimation.

Normally, when I do a review, I don’t let the restaurant know that I’m coming, I like for it to be a surprise. However, partly due to the fact we were going to be chatting with the chef, they knew we were coming, so I won’t be rating this one on the bite scale…I’ll just let you know if I’ll get it again or not. 🙂

Cobblestone Loin

The meat was nicely breaded, and the breading had a nice flavor to it. Personally, I would have preferred a bit more seasoning, still, it was VERY good. The breading was flaky and crisp, and stayed attached to the meat for the life of the sandwich.

The meat itself (locally sourced) was tender and flavorful. It wasn’t quite as moist as some I’ve had in the past, still, it was very good indeed. The bun was nicely toasted and a cut above the average hamburger bun.

So, would I get this sandwich again? Absolutely, in a heartbeat.

For her dinner, Holly chose the special – which was grilled grouper. The side dish offering included several foods that she cannot eat due to allergies, but the chef was able to adjust these restrictions, and the results were delicious! Holly says the fish was simply outstanding, and the broccoli was prepared in a way that she had never tasted – it had a crispy outer texture to it, but was still fully cooked. Amazing!

All in all, a very positive experience. We will certainly be back!

Cobblestone Grill is located at 160 S Main Street in Zionsville, Indiana. You can find them online at


2 thoughts on “Cobblestone Grill, Zionsville, Indiana

  1. I’ve noticed you generally refer to these as a “sandwich.” It this the norm for breaded tenderloins, or do you also eat them as a standalone, like a chicken fried steak?

    Also, what was your side dish? It looks like pasta with a pesto sauce.

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