OB’s Pub, Indianapolis

I love a good dive bar. OB’s pub certainly fits this description!

OBs outside

Located in a nondescript strip center on the East side of Indy, OB’s is everything a dive bar should be. It’s dimly lit, the paint isn’t the freshest, the carpet is frayed around the edges. The TVs seem to rotate between game shows (The Price is Right was showing when I was there for lunch) and sports, there are a couple of dart boards, and, most of all, it’s friendly.

I was meeting a writer there for lunch who is writing a series of articles on regional foods, and this was a good place to meet her and give her a glimpse of Hoosier hospitality.

Our waitress (who could have been anywhere between 40 and 80) was friendly, and since we were taking pictures of our food and keeping copious notes, she (and several of the regulars) were quite interested in what we were doing.

But I digress. We’re here to discuss the tenderloin.

OBs loin

It appears to be hand breaded. It’s cut a little thinner than I prefer, and the meat, while decent tasting, I found to be a little dry. The breading was nice and crunchy, and stayed that way through the life of the sandwich. There was a small issue with the breading…it was quite salty. Although I didn’t mind it, I think it probably would be too salty for a lot of folks. Also, there was a seasoning in the breading that I didn’t quite recognize, and after discussing it a little bit, we think it was lemon pepper. It gave it a different flavor…not bad, mind you, but a little unexpected. I think with a little less salt, the lemon pepper could have taken this from an average sandwich to a stellar one.

The sandwich was served dressed as I requested, and was served cut into two pieces, which was a nice touch! Since it was a quite a large sandwich, I had 1/2 on this day and 1/2 the next day for lunch.

All in all, it was a pretty decent sandwich. Not stellar, but decent. I’d order it again, but, honestly, there are several other things I’d order first just to try them. I’ll rate it a 3.5 out of 5 bites, just a shade above average.

OB’s pub is located at 2102 N Mitthoeffer Road in Indianapolis, I was unable to located a website or Facebook page for them.


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