The Lemon Drop, Anderson, Indiana

Lemon Drop Outside


There are places that try to be retro and take you back to the 50’s, and you end up getting overpriced frozen burgers and fries, and leave feeling empty and hollow inside.

Then there are places that really DO take you back to the 50’s, you get a good meal for a good price, and you leave feeling satisfied and happy.  The Lemon Drop is one of those places.

It’s been a gathering place in Anderson, Indiana since 1954, and who knows how many thousands of regular people, and more than a few celebrities have passed through the doors since then, even though it only seats 27 people.  That’s right, folks, the seating capacity is 27.

You’ll not find any gourmet food here, and the menu is pretty limited.  Burgers, fries, onion rings, tenderloins, chili, and that’s about it.  But it’s good, and, at least to me, the atmosphere is amazing.

Their flagship burger is the Onionburger, and, until this day, that is all I’d ever had there.  If you like burgers, you can’t go wrong with an Onionburger.

But, I had it on a good authority that The Lemon Drop serves a pretty darn good tenderloin, so I decided to give it a try.

Lemon Drop Loin

This is no “hang over the bun” sandwich.  Instead, it fits neatly into the bun. It’s thinner than I prefer, but it works for me.  The breading is nice and crunchy and the meat is tender, moist, and tasty.  The bun is nicely toasted, and the condiments were plentiful.  And, the price is right…this sandwich was roughly $4.39.  A bargain in my book!  While it’s not the best tenderloin I’ve ever had, it’s certainly above average.  I’m going to give it 4 out of 5 bites.

For her lunch, Holly ordered a toasted cheeseburger, which is one of their signature patties with cheese, served on toasted bread, dressed as you like – which for Holly, included lettuce and tomato.  Before serving it, they cut it in half first…just like Mom used to do.  And the taste reminded her of home, too – which is a good thing.  It was a simple, juicy burger that was just the right size for lunch.

I want to make a couple of special notes.  First – the service.  Being inexpensive is no bargain if the service is shoddy.  Service here is top notch.  We were greeted promptly, our order was taken in just a minute or two, and our food was prepared and served very shortly after that.

Secondly – the price.  My wife and I had two sandwiches, two sides (fries for her, onion rings for me which were fantastic) and 2 drinks all for just a hair over 15 bucks.  Combined with the service and the quality of the food, there’s no question in my mind why The Lemon Drop stays so busy.  I HIGHLY recommend a visit here, if you’ve not been already.

The Lemon Drop is located at 1701 Mounds Road in Anderson, Indiana.  I was unable to find a web site for them, but they do have a Facebook page.


12 thoughts on “The Lemon Drop, Anderson, Indiana

  1. Thanks! Please also try and review Burkies on West Jackson Street in Muncie. I got hooked on great Tenderloins and Onion Rings at Burkies as a 4th grader in 1958 and The Muncie Star Press poll voted their breaded pork tenderloin sandwich as best in the city again, just a week or so ago. I think and hope you will love it! Thanks again to you and Holly for continuing to provide vicarious pleasure to those of us IU expats who had to leave our beloved Hoosier state for a career. My wonderful wife, Kittie, and I are deep behind enemy lines in Columbus, Ohio because my 93 year old mother, Evelyn, (a huge Burkies fan) lives here and has more than earned our attention and companionship. Take care.Respectfully yours, Michael O’Sullivan

  2. I’m not sure if you ever make it up to Peru, Indiana, but I think one of the best tenderloins is at “Circus City Grill”. When I’ve ordered in the past, you can hear them pounding it out to order in the kitchen. My family thinks that the tenderloin at “The Big Dipper” in Converse, IN is better, though, but I haven’t had it.

  3. I used to work at Delco Remy Plant three in the 60’s and we went over to the Lemon Drop several times a week at supper time. The food was always great. Never saw a check in all the times I was in there and dont ever remember being over charge.
    Thanks for the memories
    Bob Morphew

  4. Definitely a Fun place to take one of your grandchildren to sit at the counter and allow 1 or 2 spins on the yellow stools. A lot of history at The Lemon Drop!
    Food is good! Fast and hot when it comes out…
    Shouts is good for Tenderloins and onion rings on 53rd in Bowling alley!
    Missing Hoosier Food since retiring & moving to NC!

  5. Our favorite!! We never go without running into old friends. I love the onion burger and the double cheeseburger. Great service, fun atmosphere, what’s not to like

    Jim Ault

  6. The Lemon Drop is an Anderson institution! Another tenderloin that’s worth a try is at Bloomers in Edgewood. Bloomers is in the Edgwood Golf Club & Event Center. They source the meat locally, hand cut and hand bread their tenderloin. Delish!

  7. Was born & raised in A-town, MHHS class of ’67. Mike Lemon was one of the town’s bon vivant’s back in the day. He always had the best big boy toys, great cars & cool boats. Went to school with the Lemon sisters who both worked there once they got about waist high & could see over the counter. Extremely lovely sisters, Lovely family, lovely burgers. Mike’s onion burger was already legendary 50 years .:)
    still eat there when in town (every 20 years or so). Other old school a-town fave’s: Arts Pizza for not only pie but some of the best italian roast beef sandwiches outside of Chicago. Scampi’s is another down right ancient eatery that’s worth a visit….Think most of the other great local restaurants (like the incredible Red Brick Inn, Dolenski’s (home of the Dinosaur Steak, et al) have gone by the wayside over the years as A-town’s downhill slide seems unending & never bottoms out. It was a great, Mighty, rich town when I was a kid. A-town residents went from fat wallets to thin ones when GM pulled up & left’em high & dry. Glad at least a few of the old, really good places are still left.

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