33 Brick Street, French Lick, Indiana

We were down in Southern Indiana, where I was speaking to an Optimist Club gathering, and took advantage of being down there to visit our dear friends in the area, Matt and Wendi.

I was looking for a tenderloin in the area, and Matt is also a fan of tenderloins, so off we went to the town of French Lick.

I’d not been to French Lick in 25 years, possibly more. My memories of French Lick were that it was a dying town. I remember it being rather run down, and there just wasn’t much going on down there.

All that has changed now. A new casino/resort has brought lots of tourists to town, and the West Baden Resort has been remodeled and re­opened, and it is spectacular! Add to that The French Lick Railway, it’s become quite the southern Indiana destination.

Downtown French Lick was hopping on this Saturday night! A mix of bars, restaurants, and small shops, it’s retained its historical feel and is a very fun place to wander around. I certainly see us visiting again soon and spending more time there.


For our dinner, we visited 33 Brick Street in downtown French Lick. 33 Brick Street is part pub, part family friendly restaurant. It’s nicely decorated with local photos, some Larry Bird items, and more. The decor is pleasantly busy without being overwhelming.

Brick Street Loin

Of course, I was there to try the tenderloin. This was an interesting sandwich. As is my custom, I cut a little corner off to try it without the bun or dressings, and my wife and I both agreed that the breading was quite tasty, but the meat was also very dry. Interestingly enough, this only affected part of the sandwich. The rest of it was nice and moist. The breading was REALLY tasty, nicely seasoned and crispy throughout the life of the sandwich. The sandwich was dressed as I requested. In an interesting twist, it’s served on a Kaiser bun. I wasn’t sure how I’d like that, but it really added a lot to the overall texture and taste of the sandwich.

I’m a little torn on how to rate this sandwich, because the section that was dry certainly detracts from the score. I’m going to give it a 3.5 out of 5 bites. It’s above average, and I’d try it again.

For her dinner, Holly chose the grilled fish tacos with a side of coleslaw. Holly reports the coleslaw to be outstanding – finely chopped cabbage and a wonderful dressing – not too creamy…just right! The tacos were okay, but not a lot of flavor to them. They were served with chopped lettuce and tomato – typical taco toppings, but with a little thought and creativity, and maybe a special sauce or Pico de Gallo of some kind, these tacos could easily be transported from the mundane to the magnificent.

33 Brick Street is located at 33 Brick Street in French Lick, Indiana. You can find them online at www.33brickstreet.com and they’re also on twitter and Facebook.


One thought on “33 Brick Street, French Lick, Indiana

  1. so happy to hear of French Lick’s comeback. It was always one of my favorite towns even in its run down state. So much history, such a beautiful part of the state, glad that it’s returning to being one of the midwest’s best “spa” cities. Folks should give it a visit & am sure they’ll have a lovely time

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