Four Day Ray Brewing, Fishers, Indiana


FDRI’d heard a lot about Four Day Ray, but had not had the opportunity to visit.  When my friend  (and fellow comedian) Jim Burrows suggested we meet for lunch in Fishers, I chose this place, and I’m glad I did!

Many of you know I’m a railroad buff, and the name Four Day Ray comes from the nickname of a railroad worker who called off work one day a week.  Located in the Nickel Plate district, it has a bit of an industrial feel, without being overwhelming.  It’s a fun place, and it brings to mind the saying “Work hard, play hard”.  It’s a great place to escape the world for a while, unwind, enjoy a meal and/or drink.

The staff is friendly and helpful, as well as professional.  Our server, who’s name I neglected to get, was helpful and answered our questions, proving he was knowledgeable about the menu.

Speaking of the menu, it’s huge!  there’s something for everyone’s taste here.  Burgers, tacos,  steaks and more.

I’d heard good things about their tenderloin, and I had already made up my mind.  Hand breaded and prepared in house, I gave it a try.  I wasn’t disappointed.

Ray tenderloin

As you can see from the picture, this is a large sandwich!  But it’s not all about size…honestly, this is one of the very best tenderloins I’ve ever had.  It was done to perfection.  The breading is light and crispy, and holds it’s crispness throughout the life of the sandwich.  The meat is tender and moist, and there are those distinct layers of texture that are the bun, breading, and meat that make the difference between a good sandwich and a GREAT sandwich.  At 12 bucks  (with fries) it’s a tad more expensive than some others in the area, but, trust me on this…it’s worth it.  This one is a 5 out of 5 bites, and I’m putting it in my personal tenderloin hall of fame.

Four Day Ray is located at 11671 Lantern Road in Fishers, Indiana.  You can find them online at  and also on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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